Ichijou Goodnight CD Translation

Posted by Yukihito on May 19, 2009

What’s wrong?

Can’t you sleep?

In that case, why don’t we talk about something?

I wonder what we should talk about…

That’s it…

It happened last summer, it was a unusually humid, suffocatingly hot evening.

This is the time I’m most active though.

Anyway, I’ll start again.

That night, I was in the dorm, checking the newly revised dictionary, it was when I had read about one third of it…

You check the dictionary too, right?

Oh, you don’t?

But don’t the new words used by young people that have been added interest you? What about the connections between the example sentences? I often check the dictionary.

I think the attraction of checking the dictionary is the explanation of words.

センスが光る自分を見つけると、その辞典を監修した人間に一気に真剣感が吐く。(Not sure about this line, I may not have even heard it right ^^;)

I can’t get enough of that strange feeling. This is what you’d call agreement, don’t you think?

You understand too, don’t you? Next time you read the dictionary, if you pay attention, I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.

Come to think of it, I’ve got really into SF manga recently. Do you know what SF stands for? That’s right, it means battles in space, time slips and things like that. It seems like everyone knows about it, but unexpectedly, they don’t. Of course, it’s in the dictionary too. Do you get it? “The world is a little mysterious” [Sekai wa sukoshi fushigi = SF]

Just kidding. It actually means “science fiction”. Sorry for teasing you. Are you angry? The way you’re looking at me is kind of intense.

Well, let’s get back to what we were talking about before.

It happened one summer. It was when I found some words used by young people that I didn’t know in the dictionary which had just been revised and was shocked about it.

My hair felt strange, I realised it seemed heavier. It was that instant, in the lobby, where not even a single gust of wind should have blown in…

Ah, at that time I was sitting in the lobby, with the book wide open.

Behind me, the air was suffocating and heavy, it moved slowly. I was very curious and was overtaken be the feeling of wanting to turn around and see what was happening, but I couldn’t move. As if my body had been hardened by plaster, I couldn’t move from that position. Even my hands, which had been turning the pages until a moment ago. At some point, I broke out in a terrifying sweat. It might have been my imagination, but the lobby seemed hotter than before. Then, when I felt something moving behind me, my hands, which were sticky with sweat, touched something very cold. I was so shocked, I couldn’t even shout. Afraid, I turned around, even though I was afraid, if I didn’t find out the truth, I wouldn’t be satisfied. When I turned around, Kaname was there, holding some shaved ice. I was really shocked. Even though I was so afraid just because Kaname was standing behind me, without me being able to sense him…Kaname was holding some shaved ice?! What a strange combination! You wouldn’t normally believe it, right?

I was afraid of that figure, holding a strawberry shaved ice in the dark lobby. When I remember it, a shiver runs through my spine.

Even though I’m familiar with Kaname, it was still scary. It was the most scary thing that’s happened to me up until now. Then he said “It’s hot, isn’t it?” aimlessly, with a blank look on his face and offered the shaved ice to me. Not knowing what I was angry about, I was in a daze for a while, so much that I forgot he was there and half the shaved ice had melted. I was curious where the shaved ice had come from, but at that time, I gratefully accepted the shaved ice and ate it all. Thanks to it, I felt a little cooler. However, after all, I was concerned about where the shaved ice had come from and while I was thinking of several possibilities, I had a bad feeling. What if that wasn’t the real Kaname, but a ghost from the darkness? Normally, I wouldn’t believe that kind of story, but I was really curious. So, until I found out the truth and came face to face with the shaved ice man, I thought I would try and find out what was really happening.

Never mind the name I gave him, to find out whether it was a ghost or the real Kaname, I decided to go to Kaname’s room. I held onto the shaved ice container tightly. If it was you, you’d go and find out, right? When I went up the stairs and came out on the second floor hallway, it was worryingly quiet, I could hear the sound of my footsteps clearly in the deafening silence.

Are you okay? Did I scare you? It’s okay, there’s nothing to be afraid of. If you’re scared, hold onto my hand. See, it’s not scary anymore. Don’t worry, I’ll stay by your side.

Well, let’s continue. Hmm…how far did I get? Ah, that’s right. I was on my way to Kaname’s room. The silent hallway was really creepy. I turned towards Kaname’s room and started walking. When I did, I heard something like moaning. It was a very painful sounding voice, it came from the direction of my and Shiki’s room. Anyway, that night was strange. I felt very uneasy. Thinking something had happened to Shiki, I hurried towards the room. When I arrived at the room, I knocked on the door. There was no reply and I opened the door forcefully. The room was pitch black, but I noticed a dark shadow moaning at my feet. It gave a painful moan, I prepared myself, thinking that the real thing had appeared. But I soon realised who the ghost really was, it was Shiki. He had fallen on the floor and was moaning “It’s so hot, I feel as if I’m going to die.” I was exhausted, it was definitely hot, but don’t you think collapsing on the floor is too much? You wouldn’t think that Shiki would collapse, right?

Without thinking, I laughed. But that laugh soon faded, it was when I tried to wake Shiki up. Shiki’s eyes opened in surprise, it happened again, that cold thing touched my hand again. I heard a voice from behind say “Hot, isn’t it?” and some shaved ice was held out near my face. The shaved ice this time was covered in blue syrup and Shiki accepted it with a surprised look on his face. To find out who it was, I turned around, but there was no longer anyone there. I’m sure it was the shaved ice man. When I asked Shiki who gave him the shaved ice, as I expected, he said it was Kaname.

Hey, do you think it was the real Kaname who brought the shaved ice? Kaname bringing shaved ice, I can’t believe it. When these strange things keep continuing, it feels like I’ve turned into the main character of a horror manga. What would the main character do at a time like this? They’d go and find out who the ghost really was, right? Ah, at any rate, I’d want it to be like a romantic manga. See, it happens a lot, doesn’t it? A guy going into the girls’ dorm as a joke and being found by the dorm mother, then running into the room of the girl he likes. Then the girl hides him, they hide in the closet together, like getting close to someone soon. It’s exciting, right? I wonder what it feels like… If I get close like this, you’d get nervous too, right?

Just kidding! Umm…are you okay? Your face is red… I’m sorry, I troubled you, didn’t I?

Well then, let’s get back to the story. Just like the main character of a horror manga, I went towards Kaname’s room to find out the truth. It was when I stood in front of the door and was about to knock that I heard the sound of a blade being sharpened coming from the room. I thought it was a knife that was being sharpened by a mountain witch and I felt afraid. I heard voices from the room, it seemed as if someone else was there.

“Should I choose red or blue?”

I was afraid just imagining what could be going on inside the room. But I had to find out the truth, that’s unexpectedly brave of me, don’t you think? Anyway, I knocked on the door. When I did, the sound of a knife being sharpened stopped and I heard Kaname’s say “Come in”. When I opened the door and came in, I was shocked.

What do you think was happening? Have you thought of something? If your answer is wrong, there might be a punishment. Can I roll you up in the duvet? I’m just kidding! I won’t do something mean like that. I was just curious, I’ll stop when it tickles. I’m sorry, I can’t help wanting to touch the girl I like.

Anyway, let’s compare our answers. Kaname and Aidou were the ones in the room. They were making shaved ice. Aidou was serving out the ice, carefully making the shaved ice and Kaname was pouring syrup on top of the ice. I was shocked at the situation and that Kaname was the shaved ice man. Without thinking, I shouted at the top of my voice “What are you doing?!” It seems like if I didn’t interrupt then, when could I have interrupted, don’t you agree? In the end, Kaname’s strange actions were because of the dorm’s air conditioning breaking down. It seems like he didn’t want the students to feel hot, so he went around handing out shaved ice. To be honest, it’s troublesome. Aidou listens to anything Kaname says.

Anyway, all the night class students had shaved ice made for them, Aidou was completely worn out. Ah, sorry, never mind about Aidou. I ended up rambling, it must have been a boring story. I’ll have a more interesting story next time, so tell me the next time you can’t sleep. Well, why don’t you go to sleep now? But, I’m sad about leaving you now. That’s it, I’ll say a spell so we can meet again in your dreams. Go on, close your eyes. Good night. Let’s talk again in your dreams.

2 Responses to “Ichijou Goodnight CD Translation”

  1. luna said

    HAHAHAHA!!!! that was the best story I’ve ever heard in my life XD!!!!! I love the part where Kaname says “Hot, isn’t it?” to Shiki and hands him the ice. I wasn’t expecting that at all!!

    Ahaha, thanks for the good laugh. Nice job translating, thanks for your hard work!

  2. Polly90 said

    Thank you, hon! Ichijou is really a funny person.^^ I’m glad I finally understand this track. 😛

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