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[Script] Are You Alice Drink Me – Disc 1, Track 4

Posted by Saki on January 16, 2010

Alice: Number 47 of Wonderland’s 100 carefully selected famous views, The Pool of Tears. Ride the boat of tears that melts from the passionate power of your love and experience an unbroken view of the misty scenery that reflects your future. It’s the perfect date spot for a happy couple. Apparently, my darling…

Mad Hatter: If you don’t want me to kill you, then keep quiet until you’re dead, my honey.

Alice: Hey…could it be that he’s really angry, but he’s just not showing it?
See, you pointed that gun when we passed by.

Mad Hatter: Why me?

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[Script] Are You Alice Drink Me – Disc 1, Track 3

Posted by Saki on December 24, 2009

Character Key
CC: Cheshire Cat
WR: White Rabbit
A: Alice
MH: Mad Hatter
D: Dormouse


CC: Are you treating yourself to roast cat for dinner?
Well, I don’t particularly recommend baking me.

WR: It’s because I thought you were a guest.
Hmm? It’s the neighbour’s kitty…

CC: That’s quite unexpected. I’m a wonderful guest too. I won’t pour tea without permission and I made my own duplicate key.
Ah, but I don’t really recommend your usual welcome of thrusting a sword against someone’s back.
Anyway, could you stop that?

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[Script] Are You Alice Drink Me – Disc 1, Track 2

Posted by Saki on December 9, 2009

Cheshire Cat: Welcome to Wonderland, Alice.

Alice: You’ve got the wrong person. Sorry, but that’s not my name.

Cheshire Cat: You’re so quick to deny it! There are many people who hate their names, but you’re the first person to deny their name.

Alice: You’re the one who’s being sudden! Who are you? How do you know my name? And why are you following me?

Cheshire Cat: Why? That’s difficult. Do I really have to give a reason?

Alice: I didn’t say that. I just… Never mind, I suppose my name could be Alice. That’s fine, isn’t it?

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[Script] Are You Alice Drink Me – Disc 1, Track 1

Posted by Saki on December 9, 2009

Alice: What’s my name? I don’t remember. I’m sure that I abandoned it somewhere, so i won’t really look for it. When I fell headfirst into the hole, it wasn’t because somebody pushed me. To fulfill my own desires, I tripped myself up.


Alice: Seven kilolitres ’til Wonderland… What a tacky sign.
Hey… will I find what I’m looking for here?
For the time being, I’ll go to the bank.


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Ichijou Goodnight CD Translation

Posted by Saki on May 19, 2009

What’s wrong?

Can’t you sleep?

In that case, why don’t we talk about something?

I wonder what we should talk about…

That’s it…

It happened last summer, it was a unusually humid, suffocatingly hot evening.

This is the time I’m most active though.

Anyway, I’ll start again.

That night, I was in the dorm, checking the newly revised dictionary, it was when I had read about one third of it…

You check the dictionary too, right?

Oh, you don’t?

But don’t the new words used by young people that have been added interest you? What about the connections between the example sentences? I often check the dictionary.

I think the attraction of checking the dictionary is the explanation of words.

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VK Good night CD (Aidou) Translation

Posted by Saki on February 27, 2009

Ta-da! Lavender pot-pourri, sheets and a pillow cover infused with the fragrance of lavender and a beautiful painting of a field of lavender. Lavender is good when you want to sleep.
How is it? You’re feeling sleepy, aren’t you?
Oh? You don’t feel any different? Is there something wrong with your sense of smell? Even though I feel this good…

–Aidou falls asleep–

Ah…oh no! I shouldn’t fall asleep! Hey, you’re laughing at me!
Anyway, because you couldn’t sleep no matter what, I ended up having to look after you until you fall asleep! You should be honoured! I’m probably so impressive you can’t sleep though.

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VK Good Night CD (Kain) Translation

Posted by Saki on February 23, 2009

What’s wrong? You still can’t sleep?
I see. You’re probably too active during the day. Normally, you’d be tired and would fall asleep, but your excitement hasn’t cooled.
That’s right, Hanabusa’s the same. I’m not making fun of you. It’s the opposite, I don’t hate that kind of thing.
What’s that? You want me to talk to you until you fall asleep? On the other hand, I want you to talk to me, because I’m going to sleep.
That’s right. If you did that, it seems like I might be able to have the best dream. Is that wrong?
You’re cute. Being able to keep looking at your face like this, it’s a luxurious and happy time.
Why do you look angry? Your face is bright red. You’re excited and you can’t sleep?
What if that was my intention? If you don’t sleep, then I can keep looking at you like this. No, even if you go to sleep, I’ll keep looking at your sleeping face.
Even your ears are bright red. You really are cute.
What is it? Are you embarrassed? I was only telling the truth.

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