[Translation] Are You Alice Chapter 10

Posted by Saki on July 12, 2010


Text 1: The usual harmonious teatime…?

Text 2:
Art – Katagiri Ikumi
Story – Ninomiya Ai


Box: I thought things had calmed down, but…

Text 1: As usual,

Text 2: you’re an unlucky man.

Mad Hatter: Whaaaat?! You met the dormouse?!


sfx: thud

Alice: Ahhh!

sfx: flap flap

Alice: Whoa!!

sfx: worn out

Alice: Stop messing around!

Mad Hatter: I should be the one saying that! When and where did you meet him?! / Tell me the hour, the minute and the second!


Alice: I’m surprised you’re saying that when your time has stopped… // It was when you left me behind. // But he didn’t give me his name, so I couldn’t be sure. / He helped me when I got stuck.

Text: Unfortunately, it’s against the rules in Wonderland to give away your name so easily.

Mad Hatter: Only a few people can open the path that leads to Caterpillar Lane. / That includes the guy who made a fool of me.

Mad Hatter: Damn it. So you just missed him? // If only you’d caught him at the entrance. // Ah…


Mad Hatter: You really are useless.

Alice: You’re saying it’s my fault?! I didn’t do anything wrong! // Anyway, if we chase him now, we’ll find him soon!

Mad Hatter: You idiot. / You can only say that because you don’t know anything.

Alice: Then explain properly!


Mad Hatter: Tch… / The key disappeared too.

Alice: The key? // Ah…

Mad Hatter: The Dormouse entered Caterpillar Lane. // He ran away while yawning. [It caused a fuss all over the country.] // Ah…

Alice: Still…


Alice: I’m surprised to see them having fun like that when something bad just happened to me…

Duchess: You mustn’t say it’s stupid. / They’re having a welcome parade for you.

Alice: Ah… / Oh well…

Text: When everything’s over, I’ll go and have tea with her again.


Text: Alice’s story too…

Mad Hatter: Alright. // You’ll dress up as a woman, Alice.

Alice: …What?


Woman: Cheshire Cat, Cheshire Cat.

Cheshire Cat: Yes, yes! I’m here, Mistress.

Woman: Hey, look at this. / Is this one better?

Cheshire Cat: Do you prefer light colours, Duchess? // You look good in whatever you wear. / But it might be better if you didn’t wear white.

Woman: Why?

Cheshire Cat: Because it’ll get dirty.


Woman: Eh?

Cheshire Cat: Is it alright if I go out for a while? / I don’t want to get in your way.

Woman: Thank you, Cheshire Cat. You’re a good boy. // I’m glad I have a pet like you.

Cheshire Cat: I’m already fed up of my new mistress.


sfx: drag

Duke: A… / lice…

sfx: drag

Duke: Where is… / Alice…?

Cheshire Cat: Welcome home, Master. / Alice is in the inner room.

Duke: Alice… // Alice…

Cheshire Cat: You’ve brought another amazing person this time, White Rabbit. // Well…

sfx: tap


Cheshire Cat: Where shall I go home to today?


sfx: smile

Mad Hatter: It suits you unexpectedly well.

sfx: hehe

Alice: Shut up! It doesn’t suit me at all! What is this?! Why do I have to dress like a woman?!

sfx: flump

Mad Hatter: There are various conditions for entering Caterpillar Lane.

Alice: Various conditions?


Alice: Don’t act like explaining is too much trouble!

Mad Hatter: Shut up!

sfx: bang bang

sfx: kyaaa

Woman: Don’t fire a gun inside the shop!

Mad Hatter: Anyway… / You have no charm, so I’m sure it’s impossible for you. // At least try and look charming on the outside.

Women: Please come this way, Sir! // Oh my, Alice! You have beautiful skin! // It seems like you’ll look good with makeup!

Alice: Gyaaa! Stop that!


Alice: Don’t mess around with me anymore!

sfx: stop

Cheshire Cat: Ah. // Hatter. // Hey, hey! / Hatter ☆

sfx: click

Cheshire Cat: Hey, Hatter ☆

sfx: drop

sfx: fssh


Mad Hatter: Don’t talk to me again. / Do you want to get killed?

Cheshire Cat: Maybe being killed by you is what I want…

sfx: bang

sfx: tap

Cheshire Cat: So where’s little Alice? // You’re unable to see me, / so it’s okay for us to talk, isn’t it?


Mad Hatter: …So what about your mistress?

Cheshire Cat: My new master and mistress arrived today. / The White Rabbit is doing pretty well too.

Text 1: His body must already be at its limit

Text 2: from bringing a new master to this good for nothing place, Wonderland…

Mad Hatter: I see… / She died then.


Cheshire Cat: Ah. / Don’t tell little Alice though.

Mad Hatter: There’s no need to tell him every single thing. / I don’t care about it.

Cheshire Cat: I’m glad you’re a cold person, Hatter.

Mad Hatter: Cheshire Cat. // The 89th Alice said he came to Wonderland of his own will, didn’t he?

Cheshire Cat: Little Rabbit was reeeallly angry~~~ / For some reason he took it out on me.

Mad Hatter: But the White Rabbit saved him from his “abandoned past”.


Mad Hatter: Well, saved isn’t the right word. / It would be more correct to say that he forced him out of his dream. // As if that dream contained something he mustn’t see.


Mad Hatter: Who on earth is the current Alice?


Cheshire Cat: Hmm? / He’s Alice, right? // He said so himself.

Mad Hatter: …Never mind. It was stupid of me to ask you. / Get out of my sight already.

Cheshire Cat: I thought you couldn’t see me~~? / It’s not good to ignore the settings.

sfx: click

Mad Hatter: I’m going to blow a hole right through you.

sfx bubble: rattle


sfx: creak

Cheshire Cat: Oh, little Alice?

Alice: Whoa! / What are you doing here, Cheshire Cat?!

Cheshire Cat: Ahaha! You look good in a skirt, little Alice.

Alice: Shuuuut uuuup!


Alice: Hatter, get him out of here!

Mad Hatter: I can’t see him.

Alice: You can see him!

Cheshire Cat: I see, you two are going to Caterpillar Lane.

Alice: Huh? How do you know…?

Cheshire Cat: Only people who are loyal to the Queen can enter Caterpillar Lane. [It’s completely impossible for me.]


Alice: Loyalty…

Dormouse: You’ll die a quick death if you’re too proud. // If you want to enter Caterpillar Lane, then you must show loyalty to the Queen.

Alice: …to the Queen?

Mad Hatter: Now that the key is lost, this is the only way. // I’ve given my time to the Queen, but you haven’t done anything.


Mad Hatter: So go and do something about it.

In panel text: You had no right to refuse

In panel text: from the beginning.

Cheshire Cat: Try your best, little Alice.

In panel text: If you’re saying that,

In panel text: then you won’t listen to my orders…


Alice: No way…

Box: Fight, little Alice ☆


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