[Translation] Monokuro Kitan Volume 1 Extra

Posted by Saki on April 8, 2010



Rinka: Pleased to meet you, / my name is Kusu Rinka. // I’m happy but shy about having my first volume published. / Thank you very much! // I’m actually a shy person. I’m so excited!

Box 1: I’m glad to be drawing Monokuro Kitan now / and I thought I’d write about its beginnings.

Text 1: At first, I had been putting all my efforts into a completely different story…

Text 2: But I suddenly made it into a school setting… (A few weeks before my deadline actually…)

Box 2: A revolution in my mind.

Text 3: From then on was a long process…

Text 4: Malice existed from the very beginning…

Text 5: But now, everything, including the Malice seems like it’s from a completely different world…

Box 3: Especially Shirou and Kurokichi.

Rinka: Well…

Text 6: They were actually good friends.

Rinka: Now that I think about it, that’s scary.

Shirou: Impossible!

Kurokichi: We’re still good friends now. [Right?]


Box 1: Shirou was eccentric / and Kurokichi was more distant.

Ririko: Who are they…?

Box 2: Isn’t it like their personalities switched?

Text 1: At first, Ririko had only one ponytail instead of two.

Text 2: I planned for her to fight as well.

Text 3: As for the black and white in the title…

Text 4: These don’t necessarily refer to Shirou and Kurokichi.

Text 5: “Many different instances of black and white form part of this story…” *twinkle*

Text 6: That’s the idea I had!

Text 7: Anyway!

Text 8: I was grateful for my manager’s constant suggestions and continued changing the series for more than six months…

Text 9: and so the series finally ended up in its current form.

Text 10: Well, the idea of Pierrot’s toy box and so on does seem ridiculous at first, but we’re moving onto the second volume having had many things revealed…

Text 11: Next time, the three main characters will become much closer ♥ I think there may also be a change in the flow of the story~


Shirou: Impossible…

Rinka: I ended up talking for a while… // Having so many subjects to deal with is a new experience for me, / but together with them, I’ll try my best to concentrate everyday.


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