[Translation] Monokuro Kitan Chapter 8

Posted by Saki on April 8, 2010

Monokuro Kitan Record 8
Bloody Creatures, Toy Soldiers (Scene 2)

Scan by kurokichii.


Text 1: Monokuro Kitan Characters

Text 2:
Shirou Otori
Owns a Malice which has the power of the Holy Lance, Aeon. An extreme clean freak.

Text 3:
Ririko Benibana
The owner of Toybox, the Malice sent to her by her father, who died a mysterious death.

Text 4:
Kurokichi Kagenui
Uses a Malice that resembles shadows melting into darkness. What’s his real reason for trying to become friends with Shirou?

Text 5:
Raiya Hisumi
A member of Akemikado Academy. He is able to give other people the power to control a huge puppet.

Text 6:
Hachizou Momo-oka
He works together with Raiya and plays with his opponents using his Malice, Trick the Trick.

Text 7:
Itsuru Magakumo
Uses a Malice that allows him to control a pair of swords. He was pierced through the heart by Kurokichi’s Malice…

Text 8:
~The story so far~
Ririko had gone to Akemikado Academy to find out about the card left to her by her father. Near the black clocktower feared by the townspeople, she met Shirou and they decided to work together. The two of them were separated by Hachizou Momo-oka’s Malice, Trick the Trick, then Ririko was confronted by Hachizou and Raiya. Ririko was told that her Malice did not belong to her father, but to Pierrot, the father of Raiya and the others. Meanwhile, another Malice user, Itsuru Magakumo appeared before Shirou. Shirou faced a difficult battle against Itsuru, who possessed the ability to control a pair of swords. Just as Itsuru was about to destroy Aeon’s card, a dark shadow pierced his heart. Kurokichi Kagenui appeared together with Ririko. Unable to deal with the situation, Ririko watched as Itsuru, who was presumed to be dead, stood up in front of her eyes…


Text 1: Monokuro Kitan

Text 2: Kusu Rinka

Box: Itsuru reappears…!!

Text 3: Volume 1 is already on its second printing!!


Text 1: Malice itself…?

Text 2: I had a feeling he wasn’t human that time…


[sfx bubble] reach

Kurokichi: Wait. / Please don’t release your lance.

Itsuru: Kurokichi… / Kagenui…? // Hehe… // What is… / this? // Hehehe! // Or are you a death god?!


Itsuru: Hehehe! / It makes me laugh! // What is this…? / What is this?! // Ahahahaha!!

Kurokichi: You’re full of motivation, aren’t you?


Itsuru: Be quiet… // Sword Dancer.

Kurokichi: I don’t want to fight…


Kurokichi: and you don’t actually want to fight either.


Kurokichi: Please give up…

Itsuru: Hehehehe…


Shirou: Why did you let him escape?


Kurokichi: We’ve got to light him fulfill his duty.

[sfx bubbles] sob

Ririko: What is Malice…? // This… / I don’t understand what it means…


Ririko: Dad… / Why didn’t you tell me anything? // Dad…!

Kurokichi: Benibana-san.


Kurokichi: Are you afraid of them? // They…


Kurokichi: only look like humans… / They are Malice itself…

Shirou: It seems like they go in and out of the clocktower… // What are they doing?

Ririko: Ahhh?!


Ririko: This… / It’s from the music box shaped like the clocktower…

Kurokichi: Yes. / They are gravekeepers…

Ririko: Grave…?

Kurokichi: They are toy soldiers.


Kurokichi: Otori-kun. // What happens when you use your Malice? / When you take out your lance, I mean. // You give your flesh and blood to the Malice, don’t you?

Shirou: That’s right, but…

Kurokichi: The lance is made from your flesh and blood.


Kurokichi: In other words…

Boy: Eh… // Ah…

Kurokichi: In order for those who are Malice itself to remain human… // they eat the flesh and blood of humans.


Kurokichi: It’s like mealtime for them. // And…when they lose a lot of blood like Magakumo-kun did… / it becomes difficult for them to use their Malice ability.

[sfx bubble] huff

[sfx bubbles] crunch

Kurokichi: Most importantly… / Their hunger is so great that they can’t remain human. / They can’t deny the instincts of Malice…


Kurokichi: A starved wild animal… // The monster known as Malice.

[sfx bubbles] huff [x3]

Itsuru: Heh.

Ririko: A monster…


Kurokichi: My intention is to destroy all the Malice. // Of course… // That means the Toybox too.


Text: Monokuro Kitan

Kurokichi: I think you’ll find out what you want to know if you come with me. // Maybe…

Ririko: Destroy… / this Malice?

Kurokichi: You might think of it as a memento… // But as its name suggests, / it is a toybox. // It might be easier to say that // the Malice are the toys.


Ririko: A box of Malice…

Kurokichi: I’m sleepy… // Tomorrow… // Tell me what you intend to do. / I’ll talk to you again then…


Kurokichi: Otori-kun. / I’d like to have the assistance of your Malice too. // I haven’t changed my mind about wanting to be your friend. // It seems that you’ve been visiting the area around the tower for a while… // But you probably now understand how dangerous it is. // I can’t keep saving you all the time.


Kurokichi: Well…

[sfx bubble] smack


Ririko: I wonder if he’s okay…


Girl: Ahh! / Itsuru still isn’t here?! // I’m bored of these dolls!!


Hachizou: Huh? // No way.

Raiya: Me neither.

Girl: Hmph! // I hate Raiya and Hachi!

Hachizou: Don’t call me Hachi.

Itsuru: Raiya…


Girl: Itsuru!

Hachizou: Ah…

Girl: What’s wrong? / You’re a mess… // And…


Girl: You ate someone, didn’t you? // Hey… / But… // Can I do // that thing I always do? / I can’t wait any longer.

Itsuru: Hehe… // Do what you want… // I’ve told you many times. // If I can be useful to you, then I don’t mind… / Hehehe…


Girl: Hehe… // I love you, Itsuru.

Itsuru: Hehe… // Hehehehe…

Raiya: Well… // Itsuru… / How did it go?


Itsuru: I met him… // Kurokichi Kagenui.


Raiya: Are you telling the truth?

Itsuru: Why would I lie about that? / Hehe…

Girl: Kurokichi…! // He survived…!!


Raiya: Kagenui-kun…

Itsuru: Hehehe… / His Malice is dangerous… // for a moment, I thought it was the power of shadows… / But it’s not like that… // A strange Malice…


Itsuru: Hehehehe!! // Ahahahaha!! // Well… / I ended up in this mess, but my wish didn’t even come true… // Hehehe… // Being miserable suits you… / Hehehe… // Miserable! / Miserable! / Hehehehehe!!


Itsuru: I’ll make sure to kill death…! // Hehehe…

Raiya: For a while, we’ll wait and see how things go…


Raiya: Everything will begin moving…

Box: Continues in the June issue (On sale 18th of May).


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