[Translation] Monokuro Kitan Chapter 7

Posted by Saki on April 8, 2010

Monokuro Kitan Record 7
Bloody Creatures, Toy Soldiers (Scene 1)

Scan by kurokichii.


Box 1: A summer evening, 7 years ago…

Text 1: Monokuro Kitan

Text 2: Kusu Rinka

Box 2: The orphanage we were raised in was dyed red in the blink of an eye…the dark shadow of the monster that did it…

Text 3: Volume 1 on sale January the 27th!

Text 4: “Death God”


Box 1: The 13th and final Malice was later given that name.

Box 2: Even now that we know it was a Malice,

Girl: Ah… / Ah…

Box 3: we think it is a terrible creature.


Box 1: Powerful hatred

Box 2: and a murderous spirit…

Raiya: The orphanage we were raised in was burned to the ground… // Later on…


Raiya: The clocktower was built in its place. // A gravestone… / mourning the cruel death of all those children who were killed that night… // That’s what the townspeople think it is.

Raiya: Well, they’re not mistaken in thinking that it’s a gravestone. // Even now, strange corpses are often found near the tower. // That’s why the townspeople are afraid…


Raiya: “There are death gods living in the tower” is what they say.

Text: Monokuro Kitan

Raiya: We’re the only ones to survive after seeing the death god. // The existence of death gods still remains in the memories of the townspeople, / like a superstitious rumour.


Raiya: The Malice we saw that night…death…belonged to someone… / I’m sure it belongs to someone now… // Just like the Malice we own…

Raiya: When I used Maya Sonomachi to get Toybox back… // Shirou Otori, a Malice user, appeared…


Raiya: The 12 Malice… // The only one who owns a Malice apart from us, the owners of the numbered cards, is Otori-kun. // It’s inevitable that Otori-kun is the owner of the 13th Malice, death… // But…

Hachizou: It’s a very different Malice from the death that we know… // It seems like the complete opposite. // That white lance…

[sfx bubble] clatter


Raiya: I used Itsuru, the one who was most attached to death / to find out whether Otori-kun’s Malice was death or something different…

Hachizou: Huh? / Does Itsuru know about // your true intention?

Raiya: No. // I haven’t told him. // I just said to him “I’ve found death, so I’ll leave it to you”. // He was happy, you know?

Raiya: Even if he can’t kill Otori-kun, / Itsuru takes abuse from other people. // It’s okay… // Because…


Raiya: Itsuru is / a masochist. // He’ll keep quiet and accept his punishment.

[sfx bubble] tap

Hachizou: Sorry, Itsuru…

Raiya: Death…? // The cause of the rumours was the Malice called Death we saw that night… // But now we are the death gods in the rumour feared by the townspeople…


Raiya: We’re no different from death gods. // We are impressive monsters too…


Shirou: Kagenui…

Ririko: Did you…kill him…? // But…his blood… // is black…


Shirou: What’s the meaning of this?


Shirou: Why are you here? / What did you come for?

Kurokichi: Ah~ // I came to save you.


Kurokichi: I also made sure to save Benibana, who was in the tower. / She called me mean names like “monster” and “pervert”…I felt kind of hurt.

Shirou: I don’t remember asking you to save us.

Kurokichi: If you’re friends with someone, / then wouldn’t you want to save them?

Shirou: How unpleasant.


Text: Monokuro Kitan

Kurokichi: That hurt my feelings…

Shirou: Hmph…

Kurokichi: Anyway…


Itsuru: Heh…hehehehehehe…! // Hehe… // Hehehe…

Text: That injury should have killed him instantly…


Itsuru: Hehehe!

Ririko: …..


Kurokichi: As long as their Malice isn’t destroyed, / they’re indestructible. // They’re only disguising themselves as humans…


Kurokichi: They are the Malice itself.

Box: Itsuru stood up after Kurokichi pierced his heart! What on earth is going on?!


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