[Translation] Monokuro Kitan Chapter 6

Posted by Saki on April 8, 2010

Monokuro Kitan Record 6
Broken Memories

Scan by kurokichii.


Text 1: Monokuro Kitan Characters

Text 2:
Ririko Benibana
The owner of Toybox, the Malice sent to her by her father, who died a mysterious death.

Text 3:
Shirou Otori
Owns a Malice which has the power of the Holy Lance, Aeon. Is a clean freak.

Text 4:
Kurokichi Kagenui
Uses a Malice that resembles shadows melting into darkness. Loves milk.

Text 5:
Raiya Hisumi
Has the ability to grant other people the power to control puppets. He seems like a doll too.

Text 6:
Hachizou Momo-oka
Plays with his opponents using Trick the Trick, his power which resembles that of a magician.

Text 7:
The story so far:
Ririko went to Akemikado Academy, Raiya Hisumi’s school in order to find some information about the card left to her by her father. Strangely enough, she met Shirou near the dark tower and they were separated by the power of Hachizou’s Malice. Raiya told Ririko that Toybox, the card her father had given her did not originally belong to him, but that it belonged to Pierrot, the father of Raiya and the others…


Text 1: Monokuro Kitan

Text 2:
Shirou encounters a new Malice.
The dance of death begins.

Text 3: Kusu Rinka


Text 1: Shirou was separated from Ririko by Hachizou’s Malice…

Text 2: That ridiculous guy, Momo-oka…

Text 3: Just as I thought, he’s after Benibana’s Malice…

Shirou: Tch…

[sfx bubble] crunch


Itsuru: Hehe… / He’s treating you well too…Raiya’s a good guy… // But… // No one really needs you.

Itsuru: Hey, you understand you’re just / being used, right? // But he’s expecting something of you…you might be some use… // Then… / Then…?

Itsuru: Ahaha… // Ahahaha!! // It makes me laugh… // I’m such an idiot… / Hehehe…

Text 1: He’s been like this the whole time…

Text 2: Is there a reason I was locked up in here with this guy…?


Shirou: You’re Itsuru Magakumo…

Itsuru: Hehe…

Shirou: Aren’t you? // You’re one of the people going in and out of the tower too, right?

Itsuru: Hehe… / Ah… // That’s right. / Hehe.

Itsuru: But don’t look at me in the same way as the others. / Hehehe… // How unfortunate for them / to be put together with me… // Hehe…


Shirou: Then you should know this. // The corpses found around the tower… // They were murdered by you, weren’t they?

Itsuru: Hehehe… // So what? // Ah… // That’s right… // The people killed by me are unfortunate… / Tears were pouring from their eyes…


Itsuru: I also… // cry when I remember them… // Hehe…what am I crying for? // It’s disgusting… / Disgusting!


Itsuru: You’ve been… // annoying me for a while…

Itsuru: You think it’s funny? // That I’m such / pathetic, foolish and ugly trash! // Hehe… / Haha…


Shirou: Listen up… // “The death gods living in the tower.” / That’s you and the others, isn’t it?

Itsuru: Death gods? // Heh… // Hehehehe!


[sfx bubbles] beep

Itsuru: Sword Dancer.


Shirou: Tch…

Itsuru: Death gods… // We’re death gods…? / Hehehe…

Itsuru: What a coincidence… // that you’re thinking the same thing as I am… // Hehe…


Itsuru: I also have some business with the death gods…

Ririko: Pierrot’s… / Toybox?


Ririko: What kind of person is Pierrot? / You said he was your dad, right?

Raiya: Yeah… // He’s a bit different from what you think a father is though.

Ririko: Who… / is he?

Raiya: We don’t know who he is either.

In panel: Huh?


Raiya: But we know he exists. / Pierrot… // That’s why we exist.

Ririko: Don’t… // Don’t mess around! // You know he exists, / but you don’t know who your father is?! / That’s just weird!

Raiya: Which means… / You don’t believe me.


Ririko: I mean I don’t understand what you’re saying. // Are you trying to protect Pierrot? // Anyway, it’s strange that you answered my question so willingly…

Raiya: It’s up to you whether you believe me or not. // Well… // Let’s get down to business. // The Toybox / that you’ve got… // How about you give it back?


Raiya: It’s an order from Pierrot. // Give it back, okay?

Ririko: Don’t be stupid! // I said I don’t believe you. / And it was something my dad gave me… // It doesn’t matter where it came from.


Ririko: It’s mine now! // Tell Pierrot // to come and get it if he wants it!

Raiya: Wait. // Let her go.


Hachizou: Got it.

Raiya: Anyway, / how is Itsuru doing?

Hachizou: Ah… // Wait a minute.


Hachizou: Well… / He’s doing pretty well, considering it’s him.

Raiya: Right…


Ririko: Who is Pierrot? / Toybox…the Malice my dad left me…what is it? // Was dad killed because of this Malice?

[sfx bubbles] huff

Ririko: Why did dad keep visiting this town?

[sfx bubble] huff

Text: Dad…


Text 1: Now where am I…?

[sfx bubble] shiver

Text 2: It feels kind of cold…

Text 3: Come to think of it, what happened to Otori-kun…?

[sfx bubble] hmph

Text 4: Even though he said he’d look out for me…


Ririko: A music box…? I wonder if it’s broken…it keeps repeating the same part…


Ririko: Wha…? // A black clocktower…?!


[sfx bubble] shut

Text 1: What is this doing here?

Text 2: Could this be…the inside of the clocktower?

Text 3: Death gods live inside the clocktower…


[No text]


Shirou: Tch…

Itsuru: You don’t like that melody? / In that case…


Itsuru: How about this melody?


Itsuru: Hehe… // Great…it seems like you’re a little more pleased… // If I increase the number of sounds, it’ll be even more fun. / Hehe…

Shirou: What are you talking about?

Itsuru: Huh?


Shirou: Earlier… / You said that you had some business with the death gods.

Itsuru: Hehehe… // You thought that we were the death gods. // But we’re not death gods… // It’s you. // Hehehe…


Shirou: Why do you think that…?

Itsuru: Why, you ask? // Anyone owning a Malice that isn’t one of us is a death god…we destroy them… // What’s written on your Malice?


Itsuru: The number. // Tell me which number is written on it… / Hehe…

Text 1: What…?

Text 2: My Malice doesn’t have a number like that.

Text 3: It’s only Aeon that is different from the other Malice…?

Itsuru: Ah… / You don’t want to tell me? // I understand. / I understand… // Your Malice doesn’t have a number written on it!


Shirou: …!!


Itsuru: Hehehehe…!!

Text: Black blood…!!


Itsuru: Hehehe… ♪ // Mr Death God’s pure white Malice~ ♪ // Dirty~ / Dirty, dirty, dirty! // I stained it black with my blood~♪

Shirou: Let go!

[sfx bubble] scratch

Itsuru: Hehe… // Heh


Itsuru: Joker Death ♪


Text: I’ve got no choice, I’ll bring it back for now…

[sfx bubble] beep

Itsuru: Well ♪ / What will be your dance for the next melody?


Itsuru: Hehehe… // Mr Death God~ I’ve caught you~ ♪


Itsuru: Look Mr Death God~ // You don’t // have a number ♪ // Hehehe!


[No text]


Shirou: Wha…?

Text: Is he dead…?


Kurokichi: Looks like you’re okay.

Text: Continues in February’s issue (On sale January 18th).

Shirou: Kagenui…

Box: To be continued.


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