[Translation] Monokuro Kitan Chapter 5

Posted by Saki on April 8, 2010

Monokuro Kitan Record 5
Mad party, held for a puppet by the trickster

Scan by Samy Simon


Text 1:
Monokuro Kitan
Plot and Characters

Text 2:
Ririko Benibana
She is trying to solve the mystery of her father’s death. The card left to her by her father was postmarked Kaminoshiro. She chose not to live with her relatives and pretend as if nothing happened. She is curious, active and has a big appetite.

Text 3:
Shirou Otori
A student at Kaminoshiro Private High School. He doesn’t get involved with the other students and anything else about him is a mystery.

Text 4:
Ririko’s father suddenly dies and the cause of his death is unknown. The disappointed Ririko receives an envelope from one of her father’s colleagues. The envelope sent to Ririko before her father’s death contained a card. Investigations by the police hadn’t turned up anything. Her father had been investigating the town of Kaminoshiro and she no longer had any family left. Ririko transferred to Kaminoshiro High School and quickly made friends because of her kind and positive personality. However, one day after school, Ririko’s friend Maya suddenly started acting strangely and attacked Ririko with a monster that came from a card, saying that she was doing it “for the person she loved”. Ririko was unable to react to this strange occurrence and her classmate Shirou Otori appeared before her. Using a card, he pulled a strange lance from his body and killed the monster. All the unusual events that began from her father’s death were brought about by the cards known as Malice. Ririko headed towards the dark tower…


The land where the dark tower is.
Shirou offers to lend a hand…
What will Ririko do…?!

Ririko: Eh…?


Ririko: What’s the matter, all of a sudden? / You completely ignored me, so why this again? // Are you planning something? // I won’t let you destroy the Malice I’ve got.

Text 1: A Malice with something unknown written on it…

Text 2: I’m sure she thinks that I would want to destroy it, but…

Shirou: I won’t do that. / I’m using you because there’s something I want to know.


Shirou: All I’m saying is that I’ll help you if it’s necessary for me to achieve that.

Ririko: What do you want to know?

Text 1: Anyway…

Text 2: I’d like to see her acting on her father’s behalf…

Shirou: It’s got nothing to do with you.

Ririko: Hmph… // You’re using me without any explanation?

Shirou: I only said I’d help you in return…


Ririko: In other words… / You’ll make sure to protect me if a monster attacks like it did yesterday?

[sfx bubble] nod

Ririko: Well… / If you will, that’s fine… // Well? // Why are you here? // No one comes near this place, right?

Shirou: It’s got nothing to do with you.


Ririko: Hmm… // Well… // Now I’m thinking of going to Akemikado Academy to investigate Malice…

Shirou: Hmm…

Ririko: If you’re going to be using me… // then you’ll come with me, right?


Ririko: Wow… // Just like I heard, it feels like a strict place.

Shirou: You’re looking for someone called Hisumi?

Ririko: Yeah…anyway, I think I’ll go around and ask… // Ah! / Excuse me!


Ririko: Eh… / She ignored me? // Umm… / Have you got a moment?

Guy: Sorry. / I’m in a hurry.

Ririko: Umm…!


Ririko: ….. // They’re not even looking… // It seems like they’re feeling nervous and awkward…? // No one’s talking to me…

Ririko: What should I do…? / People are leaving… // Ah…

Hachizou: What are you doing?

Ririko: No one will talk to me, you see…

Hachizou: Haha…give them a break… / They had end of week tests today.

[sfx bubble] tap


Hachizou: Good day. / Lovely young lady.


He seems completely different to the other Akemikado students…
What a showy guy…

Hachizou: That guy next to you… / Is he your boyfriend? // Ah… / Excuse me. // My name is Hachizou Momo-oka.


Hachizou: Nice to meet you ♥

[sfx bubble] reach

Ririko: Thank you…

Hachizou: It’s a black rose. // One for you too, Mr Boyfriend!

Text: Who is this guy…?

Hachizou: Eh…what? / Why are you staring at me? // Kyaa~~~ ♥ Don’t stare too much!

Ririko: Ah…there’s something I’d like to ask! / May I?

Hachizou: Mmm… / I don’t mind ♥ / Anyway, you don’t have to speak so politely.

Ririko: Really? / Well…


Ririko: I’m looking for Raiya Hisumi-kun…do you know him? // I’d like to meet him now, if that’s possible…

Hachizou: Ah…okay then. // I’ll take you to him ♥

In panel: Really?!


[No text]


Ririko: Eh?! // Huh?!


Ririko: Kyaa?! // Uh~~ / I hurt my back… // What happened…?


Ririko: Dolls…?

Text 1: There are so many…

Text 2: Why…here…?

Text 3: Where’s Otori-kun…?

Text 4: Did we get separated…?

Text 5: A hat…

Text 6: Come to think of it, it came from above me…

Hachizou: Hey, hey!

Ririko: Ahh?!


Hachizou: Long time, no see ♥ / Sorry! Is your back okay?

Ririko: Ah… / You! // What on earth did you do?! / Anyway, let go of me!

Hachizou: A magic show full of tricks…

[sfx bubble] gulp


Hachizou: Trick the Trick.

Text: A Malice…!!

Hachizou: Did you enjoy that?


Hachizou: You wanted to meet Raiya Hisumi-kun, right? // Raiya wants / to meet you too.

[sfx bubble] tap

Hachizou: So…

[sfx bubble] gulp

Hachizou: I went to meet you, just like Raiya asked me to ♥

[sfx bubble] tap

Raiya: Thank you… / Hachizou.

Hachizou: No problem.


Raiya: Welcome to the Puppet Master’s Room. // Welcome, / Lily.

Text 1: There was someone else here…?

Text 2: Anyway…

Text 3: Lily…that’s me?

Raiya: Pleased to meet you. // I finally got to meet you.


Text 1: Him…?

Text 2: But he’s also kind of…

Raiya: Like a doll?


Raiya: I get / told that a lot. // “Creepy, just like a walking mannequin.” / Stuff like that… // I’m already / used to it…

Ririko: Ah… / Anyway… // I knew it, you’re…

Raiya: Just sit down for now. / We’ll talk then.

Hachizou: Well, young lady. / This way ♥


Hachizou: Here you go ♥

Ririko: Thank you…

Raiya: Ah, that’s right! / Tea! // It’s black tea though, / you don’t mind, do you?

Ririko: Eh… / No… // Tea??

In panel: I don’t know where I should start…

Hachizou: Hey…you… / That’s no good…

Raiya: I knew it…strange, isn’t it? / It was my first time making tea, so I didn’t know what to do…

Hachizou: Ah…jeez! / I’ll make some more, you just stay there.

Raiya: Ah…sorry.


Raiya: Well… // Please continue.

Ririko: It was you who gave Maya the Malice, wasn’t it?

Raiya: You mean Maya Sonomachi? / That’s right, I did. // Puppeteer.


[sfx bubble] reach

Raiya: The puppet she made / was extremely devoted to me. // Thanks to that, it was quite a powerful pawn, / but not only did it turn out of be wasted effort, you were also put into danger. // You were scared, right? / I’m sorry…

Hachizou: Ugh!!

Ririko: Well…


Ririko: I want to… / ask about my dad, Magatsu Benibana’s death.

Raiya: Ah…

Ririko: My dad often visited this town while he was alive… / My dad was a police officer and I heard about his visits to this town from one of his colleagues. // Then… / A few days before he died… // He left me this Malice…

[sfx bubble] reach

Ririko: The one that you’re trying to get…

Raiya: So what you’re trying to say is that we murdered your father?

Ririko: That’s right.


Ririko: My dad’s death was considered an accident… // But when I actually arrived in this town / my suspicion that he had been murdered grew stronger. // Something unknown that resembles the card my dad left me exists…

Raiya: The card your father left you…? // It seems that you aren’t aware why we were looking for that card. // This is just speculation…


Raiya: But your father probably stole that card from its owner. // We were told to get the toybox back. // The toybox that / you are holding right now.


Ririko: Toybox…? // Get it back…?

Raiya: That’s right. // That is our father’s… // Pierrot’s toybox.


Driver: Hey, you! // Hey! / I’m telling you to wake up!

Kurokichi: Mmm?

Driver: He finally woke up… // We’re already at the last stop, North Kaminoshiro. // It’d be a bit of a problem if you didn’t get off…


Kurokichi: Take me to Akemikado Academy…

Text: Why is Kurokichi trying to get to Akemikado, the school near the black tower?!

Kurokichi: Please…

Driver: Huh?! / I said I’m going to the bus station now! / I’m not going back!

In panel: Wake up!


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