[Script] Are You Alice Drink Me – Disc 1, Track 4

Posted by Yukihito on January 16, 2010

Alice: Number 47 of Wonderland’s 100 carefully selected famous views, The Pool of Tears. Ride the boat of tears that melts from the passionate power of your love and experience an unbroken view of the misty scenery that reflects your future. It’s the perfect date spot for a happy couple. Apparently, my darling…

Mad Hatter: If you don’t want me to kill you, then keep quiet until you’re dead, my honey.

Alice: Hey…could it be that he’s really angry, but he’s just not showing it?
See, you pointed that gun when we passed by.

Mad Hatter: Why me?

Alice: What if a more gentlemanly encounter was expected?
I think you should take your hat and bow, like a man would.

Mad Hatter: So why does it have to be me?
Anyway, I can’t take this hat off.
It doesn’t belong to me.

Alice: Is that an order too?

Mad Hatter: You idiot! This is meant for sale.
I’m a hatter, but it’s not my policy to own my own hat.

Alice: He doesn’t talk, does he?

Mad Hatter: Don’t ignore me so casually! I’ll make you sing!

Alice: Why doesn’t he talk?

Cheshire Cat: Isn’t that because he’s a bird?
Alice, have you ever seen a talking dodo?

Alice: Why don’t you stop appearing like that all of a sudden?

Cheshire Cat: Don’t worry, I’ll disappear of my own will.
Anyway, I was curious what you two were doing in this place so early in the morning.
There’s a rumour that The Pool of Tears is a famous place for farewells, made from the tears of regrets.

Alice: I see, so that’s the best place for a date.

Cheshire Cat: Are you having a farewell party?

Alice: He’s an ally of the White Rabbit.

Cheshire Cat: Ah…he’s pretty impressive for a bird.
I wonder how he signed the contract.

Alice: That probably has nothing to do with this.
Anyway, is it okay for a contract with the White Rabbit to be so practical?

Cheshire Cat: It’s not about good or bad. There are times when you need something to prove it, right?

Alice: I’m sure that’s true, but…

Mad Hatter: Be quiet for a while, you two.
You’re not the ones who I want to hear talking.

Cheshire Cat: Hey, Alice…could it be that the Hatter’s angry?

Alice: Who knows? He always looks angry to me…

Cheshire Cat: You see…he didn’t react at all when I suddenly appeared.
He always says “I’ll shoot!”, “I’ll kill you!” or “I’ll destroy you until you’re nothing but cells!”
Even though he uses insults that make me distrust humans…

Alice: You really do get on well though…
Well, that’s understandable.
He seems to be the nocturnal type and it doesn’t look like he’s going to say anything either.

Cheshire Cat: Well, he’s a bird, you see.
Birds can’t talk after all.

Alice: They do talk. Like parrots and parakeets… Canaries sing pretty well too.

Cheshire Cat: Is that so? That one looks tasty…

Mad Hatter: I’ll make you unable to talk again!

Alice: Don’t shoot as if you’re serious about hitting!
Can’t you follow the things you say for once?!

Mad Hatter: Shut up! It doesn’t matter about me! I’ll destroy anyone who doesn’t listen!

Alice: You really are an awful person!

Mad Hatter: You too! Why don’t you learn from them and say something?!
If you keep looking down on us like that, I’ll make you into cat food!

Cheshire Cat: No thanks, I’m quite a gourmet.

Bird: I’ll kill you in the Caucus Race.

Alice: Ah, it spoke.

Cheshire Cat: It did.

Mad Hatter: Of course it speaks, it’s a bird.
What’s the Caucus Race anyway?

Cheshire Cat: Who knows?

Alice: Same as him.

Bird: I’ll kill you in the Caucus Race.

Alice: Ah, it spoke again.

Cheshire Cat: Hmm…it really can talk, even though it is a bird.

Mad Hatter: We know it can talk! The problem is what’s ahead of that. We’re asking about how to be in a fight to the death that’ll satisfy you?! You game loving betrayer!

Bird: I’ll kill you in the Caucus Race.

Mad Hatter: Is he a parrot or something?

Alice: Are you sure that informant wasn’t lying to you?

Mad Hatter: If that’s the case, then the mouse will be first to be cat food!

Cheshire Cat: No thanks, I’m quite a gourmet.


Mad Hatter: The Pool of Tears? That’s another difficult place.

Dormouse: There’s no use in complaining. It hasn’t been long since Alice came to this country. Don’t blame me for the shortage of information.

Mad Hatter: Okay, I get it. Sorry for asking too much.

Dormouse: The current target is a game loving betrayer. It might not be in your nature, but I recommend listening carefully to what he says and request a fight to the death in a gentlemanly manner. Well, try your best.

Mad Hatter: Game loving?

Alice: Okay! It’s okay to shoot him, right?

Mad Hatter: It’s not okay! I said not to shoot. Let’s listen to what he says first.

Dormouse: Hahaha…the current Alice is quite enthusiastic.
As expected of someone who made a deal with the Queen.
You might be able to find it unexpectedly easily.
The way out of Wonderland, that is.

Alice: Way out? What’s that?
I thought that didn’t exist here.

Dormouse: Hatter, didn’t you explain that to him?

Mad Hatter: Who knows?
I intend to tell him about everything I remember.
Anyway, this game has too many complicated rules.
I’m trying my best to remember all the rules related to me.

Dormouse: Haha, you haven’t changed.
Listen up, Alice. Just like every race has a finish line, there’s a way out of this country.
If you can find the key to open the door, that is.

Alice: The key? Could it be…?

Dormouse: That’s right. The guy you’re chasing…the White Rabbit. His boss has the key. The Queen and those who made a contract with the White Rabbit are all aiming at that. The only ones who know where the White Rabbit is are the ones who made a contract with him as his allies, you see. However, you mustn’t be impatient. When they can see the finish line, humans start to speed up. They become unable to be careful, just like the weak hearted ones. If all you think about is your aim, you’ll forget your limit. That’s why you won’t notice the simple traps set before the finish line. Without realising that is the greatest trap in the race.

Alice: Trap?

Mad Hatter: You don’t say! Isn’t setting foot in this country the greatest trap of all for us?

Dormouse: Yeah, you’re right. In short, when you’re staying a long time, doing nothing is most important. I’m the careful type, so I’ll have a rest while I’m waiting. All that’s left is to wish you luck.


Mad Hatter: How ridiculous!

Alice: Huh?

Mad Hatter: Hey, it’s okay for him to shoot you now.

Alice: Umm…you were the one who said not to shoot before listening to what he had to say. He might have information about the White Rabbit, right?

Mad Hatter: You idiot! How are you going to find where the White Rabbit is from someone who can’t talk because of the game’s rules? Anyway, I noticed now, got a problem with that? It’s a waste of time, kill him already! I want to go home too, the 6 o’clock tea party is waiting for me!

Alice: Don’t say all those things at once!

Cheshire Cat: Hahaha…it’s quite unusual for the Hatter to talk about time!
Alice, what will you do?

Alice: What will I do?
Hey…will he really die if I shoot him?

Mad Hatter: Wouldn’t a bird normally die?
In the country you lived in before, birds didn’t die if you shot them?

Alice: I wonder…I haven’t tried it out.

Mad Hatter: Then what’s holding you back?

Alice: I don’t have one.

Mad Hatter: Eh?

Alice: There’s no reason for me to shoot him.
He’s not my enemy yet.

Mad Hatter: That’s another bothersome reason.
I told you that it’s easier for you to follow orders, just like we do.
Shoot him, never mind whether he’s your enemy or your ally.
I don’t care if you’re worrying, just shoot him already.
You’re cutting down on my time with the dear Queen.

Alice: Queen?

Mad Hatter: Yeah, when the contract between the White Rabbit and his allies comes to an end…
Couldn’t you have shot after listening to what I said?
Anyone you shoot must be beheaded by the Queen! Otherwise…

Cheshire Cat: Wait a minute, Hatter. Something’s wrong.

Mad Hatter: What is it?
Something like we’ve got this far and can’t kill him…

Alice: I couldn’t kill him…

Mad Hatter: Eh?

Alice: Why didn’t he die?!

Bird: I’ll kill you in the Caucus Race.


Dormouse: The rules of the Caucus race are simple. You start from the position you like and start running when you want too. Then all you have to do is stop your heart beating when you want to. It doesn’t need a precise form. Who wins isn’t important.
Hey…such simple rules are necessary for a game, right? However, you mustn’t be impatient. The easier the game is, the more careful we have to be. If we don’t, we’ll soon be caught in a trap and die. In the race’s greatest trap, that is.
Well, perhaps I should start soon?
Hatter, can you keep up with me?


Cheshire Cat: His contract has already come to an end, hasn’t it?
Alice, it’s not your fault that you can’t kill him. It’s because he’s not one of the White Rabbit’s allies anymore. This means that someone else apart from the White Rabbit forced the contract to be broken.

Alice: Someone else apart from the White Rabbit?

Cheshire Cat: The White Rabbit wouldn’t break his own contract just to force someone into a trap. If he did that, then there wouldn’t be people he could trust when he needed them, right? Loneliness symbolises the death of a rabbit. I think that betraying their allies has its risks and isn’t something that’s allowed to be desired.

Alice: Wait! So that’s…

Mad Hatter: A game loving betrayer.

Alice: Hey…where are you going?!

Mad Hatter: Alice, you stay there.

Alice: You…it can’t be…

Cheshire Cat: Hatter! Is it okay to leave me alone with Alice?

Mad Hatter: I’ll leave him to you.

Cheshire Cat: Got it.

Alice: Hatter! Answer me! Who’s your enemy? Isn’t he your ally?!

Mad Hatter: The greatest trap in the race. Not being able to act carefully, just like the weak hearted ones. Hahaha…I’m glad I held back. I was able to remain a weak hearted person.

Alice: You idiot!

White Rabbit: Who’s your enemy?
Who’s your ally?
Who’s the one in a hurry?

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  2. YAY! Thanks!

    *now waits for youtube version*

  3. hi kai/yukihito!
    I haven’t found an email or anything so I hope this comment reaches you! this is eternal from Loyal Kiss, the joint partner with Scarlet Carnival doing Are you Alice 😀 Vixi hasn’t been responding to the email I’ve sent about starting the project up again, so I hoping if you knew anything about what’s going on, or more directly, whether you still have any raws of chapter 5. I hope I’m not being too much of a bother ! ><

    hope to hear from you soon,


  4. Hei said

    Thank you for translating Drink Me – Disc 1 of Are You Alice? Drama CD.

    Are you going to continue the rest?

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