[Translation] Are You Alice Chapter 7

Posted by Saki on January 8, 2010


Text 1: You won’t get anywhere just by following the rules…

Text 2:
Artist: Katagiri Ikumi
Author: Ninomiya Ai


Text: The wounded Cheshire Cat…

Duchess: Che / shire // Cat… // Cheshire Cat!!

Cheshire Cat: I’m sorry, mistress. // I got / your clothes dirty.


Duchess: Don’t // apologise…

Text 1: “Why is my lovely pet so dirty?”

Text 2: My pet loves being alone and is hated in Wonderland.

Box: His name is “Cheshire Cat”.

Text 3: It’s a very unlovely name.


Text 1: There should actually be many names that suit you.

Text 2: You mustn’t name a pet.

Text 3: You mustn’t put a collar on a pet.

Text 4: Those are Wonderland’s dull rules.

Text 5: You are the Duchess’ pet cat and my lovely pet.

Text 6: That’s our insignificant position

Box: and an absolute relationship that can’t be opposed.

Duchess: Come home with me. // I’ll treat your wounds.


Box 1: Ah, Cheshire Cat. When I first found you

Box 2: I couldn’t think of you as my pet.

Box 3: I didn’t want to.

Text: But…

Duchess: Why // did you do that? // Even though I’m not Alice…


Duchess: Don’t do // unnecessary things… // I’ve got to be Alice’s replacement… / Because… / I’ll lose my reason to be here… // I won’t be able to // be your mistress anymore!


Duchess: Uh…

Cheshire Cat: Good girl, good girl

Text: But if you are my pet…


Text: Then I’ll never hurt you.

Duchess: You silly cat…

Monster: …ce / Alice // Alice…

Mad Hatter: The replacement was no use at all. / Just great. // The parade will stop tomorrow… // I’ll be glad to be able to drink tea in peace, but…

Cheshire Cat: Hatter, what about Alice?

Mad Hatter: I left him behind. / Of course he’ll do something unnecessary again.

Cheshire Cat: That’s right.


Mad Hatter: But what is Her Majesty doing about this serious matter?

Cheshire Cat: Mistress? / Where are you going…?

Duchess: That… // If you take it, you might be able to buy some time.


Duchess: It’s my fault that Alice… // I can’t keep quiet / and watch everyone get hurt.

Cheshire Cat: Wa… / Wait… // …..

sfx: grab

Duchess: Kyaa…


Duchess: Hey, you…that was a rude thing

In panel: to do to a lady!

Mad Hatter: Honestly / You really are a useless Alice. // You should just be quiet and go along with the story… // Not like the other Alice.

Duchess: Hatter…?

Mad Hatter: One shot should be enough. // All I have to do is shoot it down.


Duchess: It’s so small… / At this distance…

Cheshire Cat: The Hatter is good at this.

Mad Hatter: Of course. // If I were to miss the target, the world would end…


Alice: Hey, stop!

sfx: bang

sfx: ping

Duchess: Ah…

Cheshire Cat: He missed.

Mad Hatter: Ah… / You… / idiot!!


Monster: A… // Alice…?

Alice: Yeah // I’m Alice.

Text: A few minutes before.

Dormouse: Are you afraid of the Hatter?


Dormouse: Yaawn… // [Ah…] I almost overslept. / To think that the Hatter would make his move this soon…

sfx: splish

Dormouse: The current Alice has been treated quite well.

Alice: Treated well? / Hey… // Like that?

sfx: bang

Dormouse: Well, that was probably the right reaction. // His likes, dislikes and things he is particular about are quite intense, but he never shows what’s essential. / He’s a typical rebel.

Alice: You know quite a lot… [You’re right too.]


Alice: Ah, that’s right. / Could it be that you’re the one the Hatter talked about…

Dormouse: Ah / It’s come this far.

Alice: Huh… // What / is this?

sfx: ooze

Dormouse: What? Didn’t you know? / The Duke went out of control in the square just now.


Alice: The Duke?

Dormouse: After all, it’s natural that useless scraps of paper would be thrown away. / That’s about it…

Alice: What? I don’t understand… // Why on earth…

Dormouse: Well… // The cause that I can think of, is that the replacement didn’t fulfil their duty completely.

Alice: Replacement…? // ….. // Her…!


Dormouse: The Duke is crazy about Alice. // If you’re the real Alice, then you might be able to stop him. / But… // There’s no need for Alice to go as far as getting in danger. // It’s more suitable for the princess to hide somewhere and keep quiet, right?

Alice: You must be kidding!

sfx: yawn

Dormouse: Well, just do what you want. / I’ll be leaving soon.


Dormouse: If you want to get out to the square, then just go up.

Alice: Hey… / Are you running away?

Dormouse: Running away? Don’t say things like that. // I’m the careful type, you see. / I just choose the best option.

In panel: Ah, I see…

Dormouse: Ah, if you see the Hatter, tell him this


Dormouse: “As usual, the Hatter / has bad timing.”

Duchess: Alice…

Alice: I’m glad / you’re safe…

Duchess: I’m sorry, it’s my fault that…


sfx: ooze

Mad Hatter: … / Hey! Run away, Alice!

sfx: ooze

Alice: Even if you say that, I’m the only one who can stop this thing, right?

sfx: ooze

Alice: There’s no way that I can’t be a replacement.

sfx: ooze

Alice: That’s because // I’m Alice in Wonderland.


Cheshire Cat: Alice…

Mad Hatter: … / You idiot! // That’s enough chat! / Hurry up and…

sfx: thump


Bubble 1: …!

Bubble 2: Alice!!


Alice: Amazing… // You eat anything…

Box: The mass of distortions created by Wonderland.


Alice: Well… / How on earth should I get you to calm down?

sfx: thump

Alice: … // What is it?


sfx: crack

Alice: Ah / …! // …


Alice: Uwaaaah!


Alice: …

sfx: huff

Alice: Just now…

sfx: huff

sfx: chirp

Girl: Alice?


Text: The girl who appeared in front of Alice is…?

Alice: Big / sister…


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