The Alice Project

Posted by Yukihito on December 27, 2009

Well, I really do love the Are You Alice? series and was able to get more of the tracks (thanks to astrialite who posted the tracks here), so I’ll be able to translate more of the series than I first thought (which is pretty awesome~) I don’t know how far I’ll get, but we’ll see.

I didn’t list every single track, just the CDs, but if you want the whole track list, I wrote it down here. Otherwise, I’ll just add the track list when I’m ready to start translating.

Main story
Drink Me
Call Me

Character Songs
Blooms Again (Alice Liddell)
The End (Alice)
Liddell (White Rabbit)
smile a sweet smile (Cheshire Cat)

Side Stories
Alice kHz
Alice kHz 2
Alice’s Tea Party – March Hare
Alice’s Tea Party – Knave of Hearts
Alice’s Tea Party – Humpty Dumpty
Alice the Gibberish
Bristle Grass
Bunk it
Disappearance Curve
Graffiti Covered
How about a nice cup of tea?
Invisible Circus
Lost End
read and brew
Sweet November
unbirthday scrap #001:Dyna→Cheshire Cat
unbirthday scrap #002:××× ⇔ Alice
unbirthday scrap #003:Tweedle Dee ∽ Tweedle Dum
unbirthday scrap #004:White Knight ∈ Regret
unbirthday scrap #005:White Rabbit ← Bloodflower
unbirthday scrap #006:Lewis Carroll≠Mad Hatter

2 Responses to “The Alice Project”

  1. Whoa! That’s A LOT of tracks!

    Good luck xD

    And thanks for the link =D

  2. namelissis said

    OMG, Are You Alice Drama CD!

    Thank you :3

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