[Script] Are You Alice Drink Me – Disc 1, Track 3

Posted by Yukihito on December 24, 2009

Character Key
CC: Cheshire Cat
WR: White Rabbit
A: Alice
MH: Mad Hatter
D: Dormouse


CC: Are you treating yourself to roast cat for dinner?
Well, I don’t particularly recommend baking me.

WR: It’s because I thought you were a guest.
Hmm? It’s the neighbour’s kitty…

CC: That’s quite unexpected. I’m a wonderful guest too. I won’t pour tea without permission and I made my own duplicate key.
Ah, but I don’t really recommend your usual welcome of thrusting a sword against someone’s back.
Anyway, could you stop that?

CC: Thank you.

WR: You’re not very well mannered. Aren’t you begging the wrong person for food? Where’s your darling mistress?

CC: I’m sure that the master is home for the first time in five months. My darling mistress is underneath him. He even wants to do that at home, from morning until night.

WR: I see. Out of consideration for the poor cat who’s forgotten the instinct to hunt for food, I’ll invite him to lunch today. If you don’t mind eating the scraps like a stray cat should, that is.

CC: I’d be grateful for that. It seems like I’ll be able to eat something splendid for once. I always thought that the wine and food you went to the trouble of preparing everyday ended up going to waste. She probably can’t eat it anyway.
Ah, was that rude of me to say?
If I’ve put you in a bad mood today, then I’ll apologise.

WR: What do you want?

CC: It’s about him…the one I met just now. The Alice you’ve brought this time is rather interesting. Things might be exciting for once.

WR: Alice? Ahaha… Unfortunately, he’s already dead. It was just a coincidence. That’s right, it was an accident.

CC: I’m glad. I was sure it was a trap someone had set to kill Alice. Your regrets that appeared in front of Alice by chance, were all dealt with by the Hatter when he happened to pass by. Unfortunately, he’s still alive.

WR: Hatter?

CC: Yes. It can’t be helped, he’s a hero of justice that protects Alice.
Hmm? So, the bad guy in the shadows who tried to kidnap Alice…wouldn’t I be their enemy in this case?

WR: He’s different! He’s not Alice! He ended up here of his own will!

CC: Is that so? Then why would someone who’s not Alice say that they are?

WR: Don’t play dumb, Cheshire Cat. It’s because you gave him that name.

CC: I did? It’d be troublesome if you misunderstood. I just did what my mistress told me and took Alice to the Hatter. Even you should know that I’m just a powerless pet cat. What are you getting so worked up about?

WR: Never mind, I’m sure we’ll soon be saying farewell to him. If you like that fake so much, then prepare his grave now!

[T/N: I got that the White Rabbit was telling the Cheshire Cat to prepare something, but what I was hearing didn’t match any words. That was a recurring problem in this track, certain words would be mumbled and inaudible (to me at least). Logically, I thought it would be a funeral/eulogy/casket – something along those lines, but looking around for a word which matched what I heard that came to nothing. I definitely think it should say “grave”, since that makes more sense and it’s also backed up by the manga. I’m so thankful to have the manga to fall back on when I get stuck XD]

CC: Hmm? Are you planning something fun again, Little Rabbit?
Well, you made this country, so you can do what you like.
I’ll come again…when you’re done eating, okay?

CC: Ah, that’s right. I came to warn you about something today. White Rabbit, the current Alice is a little different. You shouldn’t underestimate him too much. Well, it might be okay to taste him once…

[T/N: It’s a play on words here, since ‘nameru’ can mean ‘underestimate’ as well as ‘lick’ or ‘taste’.]

WR: I’ve got a warning for you too. Cheshire Cat, don’t forget that you’re in the way too! It seems like the regrets are quite fond of you. It’s tough being a popular kitty!

CC: Hahaha! Well, that’s definitely the kind of thing I’d like to hear from the regrets themselves. Their confession of love, that is…
They might be able to awaken my forgotten instincts…


A: Well, who are we waiting for?

MH: You’re a good boy, so be quiet. Can you run?

A: Is it an enemy? Can I shoot them?

MH: Don’t shoot.
Don’t fire that gun for no reason either.
Jeez…that’s why I hate kids.

A: It’s your fault for bringing me here without any explanation.
Don’t underestimate a kid. You can’t even do a thing without me.
Or are you going to kill me?

MH: Idiot. Anyone could kill you.
There’s already a waiting list, no matter how much I want to kill you right now.
If you understand, be good and put that away.

A: Okay.

MH: We’re going to meet an informant now. Since you love talking about enemies and allies so much, I’d say he’s the latter. He’s really nervous though.
No, he’s the careful type and as long as nothing happens he doesn’t really show his face. Don’t startle him too much.

A: Information…is it about the White Rabbit?
Well, not that you’ve talked about anything else.

MH: Is it that you think I’m even more predictable than a metronome and you’re unconsciously deciding what I’m like?

A: You’re making it seem that way with that persecution complex.
I was just curious why you follow the Queen’s orders so faithfully.
Judging from your response, it seems like it’d be a boring reason anyway.
I’d hate it if it turned out to be a long explanation, so I won’t ask.

MH: That’s right.

A: Anyway, there’s nothing I’m so stubborn about that I need to ask you. That wouldn’t be fair or interesting.

MH: I see.

A: Is the informant a necessary power in the game too?

MH: Yeah, all the residents of this country received a power because of some kind of rule by the White Rabbit. It’s not just whether they can or cannot kill someone. On the other hand, if it’s not in the rules no one can kill anyone else. If you want to break the set rules, then there’s no other way apart from making a contract with the White Rabbit. The informants control the information from the allies who have a contract with the White Rabbit and for certain individuals this is a good thing.

A: Allies? It’s not like they directly tell them where the boss is, right?

MH: Yeah, it’s that kind of rule.
Also, you’re the only one who can shoot the White Rabbit’s allies.

A: Is that a rule too?
Who said this was a simple game? It’s actually really complicated!
But…allies, huh?

MH: Rabbits can’t act alone. They’ll die if they get lonely.

A: I know…the rabbits here are the same, huh?

MH: Yeah, humans are the same too. That’s why they make allies. That’s the only lead we can grab hold of.
I haven’t said anything particularly difficult, but have you got any questions?

A: Your way of doing things is pretty ordinary for an assassin. Don’t you get bored?

MH: Yeah. It’s already surpassed being boring!
Anyway, I’m not an assassin, I said I was a hatter.

[T/N: I don’t feel as if I got all of this. No matter how many times, I couldn’t seem to quite catch the last word.]

A: That’s not being bored, that’s giving up.

MH: Well, I give up then. This is the only way we’ve got at the moment.
There’s a 5% chance that the ones who know where the rabbits live are his happy friends who made a contract with him. The other option is the Duchess’ stupid pet cat. That’s out of the question though. He only listens to his mistress’s orders.

A: The cat…? You mean…

CC: How awful. Aren’t you the one who only listens to his master’s orders? I’m sure that I’ve never said I had no intention to say where the White Rabbit lives.

MH: How long have you been here?

A: He’s been here from the start, sitting next to me.

MH: You should say important things like that sooner!

A: Are you really sure that you can’t see him?

CC: Ahaha. Well, it’s not as if I was following you today. Don’t get so angry!
Even I have times when I want to drink alone.

MH: I don’t care about your situation! I don’t want to see you again, got it?

CC: You shouldn’t ignore the rules.

A: Hey, do you really know where the White Rabbit is?

CC: Hmm…that’s right, I do.
He lives nearby. To add one more thing, Hatter knows that I know where the White Rabbit lives and how to get me to tell you that.

MH: Shut up! Suggesting those conditions is the same as having none!

A: Conditions?

CC: In exchange for telling him the information he wants to know, the Hatter has to do whatever I ask.

A: Listen to his request whatever it is.

MH: Don’t look at me so pitifully. Anyway, aren’t you the one who’s retreating completely?
Well, my answer is still the same. Today and tomorrow, at six o’clock. The Queen is the only one who can give me orders, and that’s enough.

A: There you go.

CC: Well, it can’t be helped if he says that.
It’s fine that you’re quite loyal.
Hatter, more predictable than a metronome.

MH: I’m going to kill you!

A: You were the one who said that!

CC: I’ll be obedient and go home today. If I’m here, the mouse won’t come because he’s scared.
Ah, that’s right…Alice, shall we go together?

A: Me?

CC: That’s right. You look bored being with the Hatter, who only listens to the Queen’s orders. I’ll take you somewhere more interesting. For example…that’s right…the rabbits’ house perhaps…
You shouldn’t ignore the rules. A hero of justice should shoot without hesitation.

MH: If you know you’re in the way, then get out of here alone.
You’re the only one Alice isn’t supposed to be with, it’s an order from the Queen.

CC: Eh? You’re quite well prepared this time. Do you really regret the previous Alice being taken away by me that much?

MH: I hesitated the first time, but I won’t miss next time.

CC: Good night.

A: Hey…you got your own orders without me knowing.

MH: Huh? Shut up. I can never understand the things you get angry about. Don’t sulk, explain it to me.

A: Shut up! Don’t tell me what to do all the time! Unlike you, I don’t follow orders. Anyway, you told me not to wave a gun around, but you don’t seem to hesitate to shoot. What are you, the honour student of complaints?

MH: What do you mean “honour student of complaints”? Hey, Alice!
Jeez…that’s why I hate looking after kids…

CC: What’s wrong, Alice? Are you going to see me off, or are you coming with me?

A: I don’t care which one.

CC: Well, well. How troublesome.

A: Even though you’re a pet cat, you don’t wear a collar.

CC: Hmm? Ah…my mistress doesn’t like collars. There are a lot of reasons…like it’s uncomfortable…

A: Hmm…

CC: Is that a problem?

A: No…it’s okay if you have somewhere to go back to. You don’t seem to have friends, you see. Just like me.

CC: Don’t worry, I don’t intend to be in need of a place to stay. That’s why I don’t have a collar either.

A: I wouldn’t worry, even if you weren’t making excuses. I’ve decided that I’m not going to trust you again.

CC: Ahaha. I see…an excuse…well, I suppose it is true that I don’t have any friends.
This is far enough, it’s cold outside. I’ll take you with me another time.

A: Eh? You’re scared of the Queen’s orders after all.

CC: No, I’m more scared of your knight than I am of the Queen.
Thank you, Alice. Sweet dreams. Be nice to the Hatter.

A: Which one is it?

CC: How boring, I’m alone again today too. Humans really are weaker creatures than rabbits. I’m so lonely I could die.
Or will you be accompanying me today? It’s too noisy to talk about love here… Shall I lead you to a place that’s dark and quiet, princess?


MH: Well, Alice…you’re back quite early. Did you have fun escaping with the Cheshire Cat?

A: Before running away with the cat, I thought I’d ask the honour student of complaints another question.

MH: What?

A: Why do you need me?

MH: Who knows? Isn’t it because I’m lonely?

A: Not because it’s an order from the Queen?

MH: Ah, sorry…I should have answered that way.

A: Don’t apologise, that’s annoying.

D: Jeez…I can’t stand how humans are all so noisy. You’re not a mouse living in the attic.
Well, what can I do to sleep in peace, Hatter?

MH: The same as usual. I don’t intend to disturb your sleep…if I get the information I need, that is.

D: That’s much appreciated. If the information can guarantee me a quiet sleep, then I’ll give you as much as you want. I’m the careful type, you see.

MH: I know.

A: He’s the informant?

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