Are You Alice – Drink Me

Posted by Yukihito on December 21, 2009

I realised I hadn’t done the project page for the Alice drama CDs yet, so here it is. This is just so that everything can be found easily in one place. You’ll also find the other project pages linked in the “drama cd” tab on the blog.

*The downloads are not mine, I just linked them.

Are You Alice? Drink Me (the file is split, but joining instructions can be found on the page)

Disc 1
1. Drink Me – Give me your orders: Script // Watch
2. Mad Hatter – My Tranquiliser: Script // Watch
3. Widowed Tame Cat – I don’t have dreams or hope: Script // Watch
4. Sleep with caged bird – The reason for my lack of sleep: Script // Watch

Disc 2
1. Heart of the Queen of Hearts – The place you shot out.
2. Reason why I die – Alice is an adults’ toy.
3. Time that began to move – You dream again.

6 Responses to “Are You Alice – Drink Me”

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  2. LAla said

    omo i like this manga cd so much but where can i dowload or buy it ???

  3. yaoidaisuki said

    Can I translate to Portuguese, please!
    Of course I’ll give you the credits 🙂 Thanks!!

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