[Translation] Are You Alice Chapter 6

Posted by Saki on December 10, 2009


Text 1: There’s nothing.

Text 2: A world where only useless people exist.

Artist: Katagiri Ikumi
Author: Ninomiya Ai


Box: Alice ponders…

Text 1: The roofs without houses underneath them.

Text 2: The roads which lead to nowhere.

Text 3: The cold rain that only wilts flowers.

Text 4: Why

Text 5: am I

Text 6: in such a place?


Text 1: Why

Text 2: was I

Text 3: born?

Text 4: Alone in this dull story without dreams, hope or a name.

Text 5: Existing like a useless scrap of paper…

Text 6: I’ve had enough.

Text 7: But how can I get out of here?

Text 8: I don’t know.

Text 9: Hey.

Text 10: I’ll do anything.

Text 11: If there’s someone that needs me, then I can do anything.


Text 1: So…

Text 2: Please…Acknowledge I’m here.

Text 3: Somebody…my name…

Alice: call / my name.

sfx: drip

sfx: drip

Alice: Oh? // I’ve seen her / somewhere before…


Mad Hatter: Alice // Hey, Alice

Alice: Uh… // Mmm…

sfx: reach

sfx: bang

Alice: Uwaaa! / What in the hell?!


sfx: puff

Mad Hatter: How long are you going to lie in bed? / Get up. We’re going out now.

Alice: Ah… / Oh, that’s right… // I’ve been asleep since then… // Hey…

sfx: swish

In panel: Pitch black

Alice: Huh?! // W-wait a minute! / Do you know what time it is?!

sfx: tap tap

Mad Hatter: It’s 6 o’clock. / Let’s go.

In panel: grabs

Alice: No no no…wait! Listen to me for a minute! // What on earth are you doing?!

Mad Hatter: Idiot.


Mad Hatter: If you’re Alice in Wonderland, then make an effort to play the game. / How long do you plan on wasting time?

sfx: throw

Alice: You’ve been drinking all the tea you want… // What the hell are you giving me?

Mad Hatter: Don’t make me repeat myself. Just do what you’re supposed to. // Capturing the mouse.


Dormouse: *yawn*

Bartender: You were up late again?

Dormouse: I have a bad feeling.


Dormouse: ever since the 89th Alice appeared…

Alice: *yawn*

Text: Is she okay?

Cheshire Cat: She understands it too. She accepts her fate.

Alice: You’re pretending not to notice because you can’t help her?


sfx: rustle

sfx: kyahaha

Alice: Oww!

sfx: slam

Alice: Uwaa! // Ah… // You’re…


Children: Ah…. / Alice… // Alice // It’s Alice.

Alice: How do you guys know my name?

Children: Ahh! // We’re… / s-sorry! Sorry!

Alice: Ah…


Mad Hatter: Let’s go. // Before you start asking questions, let me tell you this…// All the residents of Wonderland know that you’re Alice.

Text: No one wants to get involved with Alice.

Alice: They don’t want to get involved with trouble…

Mad Hatter: Yeah


Alice: You’re okay with it?

Mad Hatter: These are the Queen’s orders. / Besides, I’m the only one who can protect Alice.

Alice: I don’t remember being protected by you at all…

Mad Hatter: Alice is the only one that I need to protect.

Alice: So, you’ve accompanied the other Alice before, haven’t you?

Mad Hatter: What about it?

Alice: So… // If I can’t become Alice…


Mad Hatter: We’re here.

sign: Caterpillar Lane


Alice: So tacky…

Mad Hatter: Really? I think it’s normal…


Alice: What’s normal here isn’t normal at all!

sfx: Dangle

Mad Hatter: It’s an order from the Queen. Open up.

sfx: step

sfx: here we go

Alice: How are we supposed to get in such a place anyway?


Alice: Ah

sfx: ugggnhhh

Alice: I can’t / get out…

sfx: silence

Alice: Hey hatter! / This is bad! / I can’t get out!

Mad Hatter: [sigh] You’re pain in the ass.


Bubble: I’ve found / Alice.


sfx: glub

sfx: ooze

Mad Hatter: Tsk

Alice: Hey! What are you doing Hatter?! / Hurry up and help me!


Mad Hatter: Alice, you stay here.

Alice: Huh?! // Hey! / Wait! // Where are you going?!

sfx: ‘foot steps’

Alice: Ah… / That cold-hearted guy… He actually left me behind! // Jeeeez! / “I’m the only one that can protect Alice” my ass!!!


Alice: Somebody help me…it doesn’t matter who!

sfx: kyaaaa


Monster: A… / lice… // Where is Alice? // My lovely / A… / lice…

Mad Hatter: It’s out of control… // What on earth is going on? // That idiot… / When did…

Monster: Alice // Alice // Alice


Monster: Mine only Alice…

Mad Hatter: Alice isn’t yours.


Mad Hatter: You, good-for-nothing scrap of paper.

Queen of Hearts: What on earth is the “replacement” doing?


Woman: She’s confined in the mansion as usual. // It seems that she had been stopping the Duke from going out of control last night after he had finished swallowing all of his regrets…

sfx: step step step

Queen of Hearts: It’s filthy… // We live on scraps of paper that failed to become stories.


Queen of Hearts: In order to tell a proper story, / we live by abandoning the unnecessary past and pretending not to see it. // I was reminded of it again. // Wonderland is a trash can.

Queen of Hearts: There’s no need to worry about Alice. / The Hatter is with him. // More importantly… / How did the Duke know that the real Alice was here? / I’m more interested in that.


Queen of Hearts: It’s the first time something like this has happened. / I bet the White Rabbit is even surprised. // Well, 89th Alice… // How do you intend to take responsibility?

Alice: Unnnngggh! // Ugggghhhh!


Alice: This is impossible!

sfx: slap

Alice: Ah… / Where did the Hatter go?

Text: Rather…

Mad Hatter: That’s why there’s no need for you to protect yourself.

Alice: I don’t understand… / How he could calmly fire a gun like that the moment it wasn’t Alice.

Dormouse: Are you afraid of the Hatter?

Alice: Huh?


Dormouse: Well, that’s natural. // He even gives up his time to the Queen for the sake of achieving his goal.

sfx: step step

Dormouse: He probably only cares for the ending of the story. // Well, anyway…

sfx: click


Alice: Whooooa!

sfx: thud

Alice: What… / on earth was that?

Dormouse: You have to show your loyalty to the Queen if you want to enter Caterpillar Lane. / You’ll die a quick death if you’re too proud.


sfx: grab

Dormouse: Hey / That’s some good stuff you’ve got there.

Alice: Who // are you?

Dormouse: Unfortunately, it’s against the rules in Wonderland to carelessly tell someone your name. // The White Rabbit will be angry if you don’t take care of your name properly. / Isn’t that right, Alice?


Monster: A… / Aaaaa // Aaaaaliiii / ce…

Mad Hatter: Be obedient and return to the trash house. // You’ll cease to exist if you disobey the rules given to you.

Monster: Alice / A… / lice… // Aliceeee!


sfx: click

Duchess: Wait! // You can’t do that, Hatter! // If you kill him, Wonderland will overflow with regrets!


Mad Hatter: I know that much, Duchess. // I can’t do anything unless he turns against Alice anyway.

In panel: I wasn’t ordered by the Queen either.

Mad Hatter: And… / Isn’t it your job // to do something about that “trash”?

sfx: annoyed

Duchess: You really are awful… / You don’t have to tell me to stop him. // Im “Alice’s replacement” after all.

Mad Hatter: Okay, okay

In panel: I’ll send the cleaning bill later.


Duchess: Well… / Be good and let’s go home… // I’m your / Alice

Monster: A… / lice…?

sfx: reaches

sfx: twitch


Monster: You’re // not // Alice…


Monster: You’re not Alice! // Where did you hide my Alice?! // Give back my lovely Alice!


Duchess: Kyaa!

Text 1: I want to hear more of Alice’s story.

Text 2: If I can be more like Alice…

Text 3: Is it okay

Text 4: for me to love you?

Text 5: Cheshire Cat


sfx: click

sfx: puff

Duchess: Che… / shire… // Cat…


Cheshire Cat: I’m sorry. // I can’t // pretend not to notice after all.

Box: The Cheshire Cat embraced the Duchess…


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