[Script] Are You Alice Drink Me – Disc 1, Track 2

Posted by Yukihito on December 9, 2009

Cheshire Cat: Welcome to Wonderland, Alice.

Alice: You’ve got the wrong person. Sorry, but that’s not my name.

Cheshire Cat: You’re so quick to deny it! There are many people who hate their names, but you’re the first person to deny their name.

Alice: You’re the one who’s being sudden! Who are you? How do you know my name? And why are you following me?

Cheshire Cat: Why? That’s difficult. Do I really have to give a reason?

Alice: I didn’t say that. I just… Never mind, I suppose my name could be Alice. That’s fine, isn’t it?

Cheshire Cat: That’s a good, ambiguous response. Have you got any other questions?

Alice: I don’t. Go away.

Cheshire Cat: Why?

Alice: Because you said not to ask.

Cheshire Cat: That’s too bad. I wasn’t trying to give you an order. It’s not good to take everything as it’s said. I’m not the Queen of Hearts, you see.

Alice: The Queen of Hearts? That’s the most important person in this country?

Cheshire Cat: That’s because they’re the Queen. A queen is usually important.

Alice: It’s like ants and bees.

Cheshire Cat: That’s right. It’s like chocolate and rubix cubes. It’s not that way, turn right.

Alice: That’s left. Sorry…can I ask you a question after all?

Cheshire Cat: The reason I brought you here? That’s easy. I was told to bring you here.

Alice: Is that an order from the Queen?

Cheshire Cat: You’re good at remembering things. Let’s go. It’s better if you don’t turn around. The regrets that cling to the past will attract their companions.

Alice: Regrets? What are those? Enemies?

Cheshire Cat: Enemies? What are those? Regrets only want to be beside the people they like. But…that’s where there’s a problem.

Alice: What’s that?

Cheshire Cat: There are three kinds of people regrets like. For example, Alice in Wonderland, a suicide victim three seconds before their death…ah, but you don’t often see those kinds of people. Hmm? What was the other one? I’m sure it was…

Alice: Wait a minute! Earlier you said “Alice in Wonderland”… Could that be…

Cheshire Cat: Ah, that’s right. That’s you, Alice.

Alice: What do you mean “Ah, that’s right”?! What are they? Ghosts?!

Cheshire Cat: They are regrets. Betrayers who were originally humans and those who were betrayed by the White Rabbit.

Alice: What?! That’s so complicated! What did I do to these crazy things anyway?! Ahh…

Regrets: Alice…

Alice: Wait a minute…

Regrets: Alice…

Alice: What is this?

Regrets: Alice…

Alice: Even though I don’t feel anything…

Regrets: Alice…Alice…

Alice: Why does it hurt so much?

Regrets: Alice…Alice…Alice…

Cheshire Cat: See…that’s why I told you not to turn around. I’ll explain. It’s not that you’ve done anything. Regrets break the rules and are the extinguished naked flame from the body while living. They devour everything in your body that gets in the way and try to make it their own…that’s about it. Are you listening to me?

Alice: I’m not…what should I do afterwards though? A way that wouldn’t involve dying like this, if possible…

Cheshire Cat: Don’t worry. Basically, running from regrets is nothingness. It’s often said that if you’re caught, it’s quite hopeless. However, there’s actually a simple way. Just one.

Alice: Hey…where are you going?! In other words, there’s no way! You must be kidding! I don’t want to be killed by these things I don’t even understand!

Mad Hatter: If you’ve got the energy to talk that much, then be quiet for a while.

Alice: The pain stopped…

Mad Hatter: Can you stand?

Alice: Who are you?

Mad Hatter: You idiot. It’s because you show an interest in things that you get attacked by the regrets. We’re going out to the main street, alright? If you don’t want to die, don’t turn around again.

Alice: Are you an enemy?

Mad Hatter: Enemy? You say some pretty strange things. You should judge that for yourself, Alice.

Alice: What?

Mad Hatter: I wonder if it’s okay for you not to be suspicious when someone you’ve met for the first time knows your name.

Alice: Not really…

Mad Hatter: I see…you met the Cheshire Cat… It was him got you involved with the regrets…

Alice: Cheshire Cat?

Cheshire Cat: Mad Hatter. You seem to be extremely prejudiced towards me, but it wasn’t me who brought Alice and the regrets together. It was just coincidence.

Mad Hatter: Shut up. As if I care about your circumstances…

Alice: Hey, where did you come from? The cat…is that him?

Mad Hatter: If you met him, fine. Just don’t see him again.

Alice: Huh?

Cheshire Cat: The Mad Hatter can’t see me. Apparently he really hates cats.

Alice: That’s not right. I really hate you. I love all other cats so much that I’m writhing in agony.

Cheshire Cat: Alright, very well.

Mad Hatter: Get out of here. The regrets make a fuss when you’re around.

Cheshire Cat: Even if you say that, my mistress will be angry if I don’t do what she says.

Mad Hatter: What a coincidence. Nothing good will come of me leaving things to you, so I was told to find Alice and bring him. It’s an order from the Queen. Give my regards to the Duchess, let her know that Alice is safe.

Cheshire Cat: Well, that can’t be helped. I’m sorry, Alice, I did want to talk a little longer, but the Mad Hatter wants to be all alone with you. He’s the Queen’s favourite, you see. I’m scared to disobey him.

Alice: And the Cheshire Cat isn’t?

Mad Hatter: He’s a cat from another place. He wouldn’t listen to the Queen’s orders, even if it meant him getting killed.

Alice: Wait a minute! Earlier you said that the Queen’s orders were… Hey…where did he go?

Mad Hatter: I don’t know…I couldn’t see him to begin with.

Alice: That’s not the right way to use it…


Alice: Hey, I’m a guest. Aren’t you going to pour some tea?

Mad Hatter: Sorry. This house isn’t meant for entertaining. If you want tea, then pour it yourself and drink as much as you like.

Alice: How long do I have to stay here?

Mad Hatter: Hmm? Is there somewhere you want to go?

Alice: The bank.

Mad Hatter: What?

Alice: I didn’t have anything with me when I left the house. I thought I’d look around seeing as I’m here. Aren’t there any famous places around here?

Mad Hatter: I don’t know if this counts, but I’m taking you to see the Queen of Hearts at 6 o’clock. Stay here until then. Don’t go out, got it? Go to the bank after that. It’s another matter whether there is one or not…

Alice: It’s been bothering me for a while…why do you have to take me there? The Queen is the most important person in the country, right? Why do I have to meet the Queen?

Mad Hatter: Who knows…? I certainly don’t know anything about it. I’m only following the Queen’s orders. I don’t feel like answering questions such as “Why” and so on.

Alice: Ah, that’s right. People in this country hate answering questions. Just like that Cheshire Cat.

Mad Hatter: It’s because you’re Alice.

Alice: Alice?

Mad Hatter: Am I wrong?

Alice: Maybe.

Mad Hatter: What are you talking about? Well, not that it matters. There’d be trouble if you didn’t do what you had to. Take that, it’s yours.

Alice: What’s this?

Mad Hatter: Don’t you understand not to ask me about every single thing? However you look at it, that’s a gun.

Alice: That’s not what I’m asking! Are you serious? If you’re giving this to a kid and saying “protect yourself”, I think that the smartest thing for me to do is shoot you first.

Mad Hatter: I see, it certainly is like that. You’re pretty smart for a kid.

Alice: Sorry, it doesn’t seem that the Queen’s orders apply to me.

Mad Hatter: That’s wrong. You can’t judge whether they apply to you or not. It’s up to you whether you shoot, but you can’t kill me or the regrets that are after you.

Alice: Regrets?

Mad Hatter: Didn’t you realise? They’ve been wandering around the house since earlier. If you take one step outside of here, you’ll be bait for the regrets. It’s a pain having to save you every time, so stay close to me.

Alice: Don’t assume that it’ll be every time! Are you making a fool of me? I don’t think there’d be anyone stupid enough to miss from this distance.

Mad Hatter: Well, you are.

Alice: Don’t mess with me!

Mad Hatter: This is a warning for the guy stupid enough to miss from this distance. At least check if there are any bullets in the gun someone else gives you. Well, I didn’t really think you’d shoot. Anyway, even if there were bullets, that doesn’t mean you’d be able to kill me.

Alice: Why not?

Mad Hatter: Who knows…isn’t it easier to say that it’s because this is Wonderland?

Alice: You really are annoying.

Mad Hatter: It’s already 6 o’clock. Let’s go. I forgot to say this, but I don’t know what kind of person you are. It’s my job to protect you from enemies, whoever you are. That’s why there’s no need for you to protect yourself.

Alice: I don’t know how I should tell you this, but it’s not 6 o’clock yet. It’s only 2 o’clock. Shouldn’t you have your watch fixed?

Mad Hatter: There’s no problem. It’s always exactly 6 o’clock. It’s because I’ve given my time to the Queen of Hearts.

Alice: The Queen of Hearts…I’d like it if she was the kind of girl I’m into…

Mad Hatter: Well, just look forward to it then…


Queen of Hearts: Well, let me hear your name first, Alice.

Alice: You called me that, but you’re asking me to say my name?

Queen of Hearts: It’s meaningless unless you say it.

Alice: Your Majesty, my name is Alice.

Queen of Hearts: Very well, Alice. Let’s get down to business right away. You met the White Rabbit, didn’t you? The one who brought you to Wonderland.

Alice: The White Rabbit?

Queen of Hearts: He has quite an odd habit. He brings ignorant people like you, gives them a name and imprisons them in this country with no way out. You got given a name by the White Rabbit, didn’t you?

Alice: Maybe I did.

Queen of Hearts: I don’t like ambiguous responses. Never mind, there’s one reason I called you here. I’ll have you participate in a game from now. A game to kill the White Rabbit.

Alice: A game to kill the White Rabbit?

Queen of Hearts: That’s right. The rules of the game are quite simple. Firstly, to give Alice in Wonderland the power to kill the White Rabbit. The game ends in victory if Alice succeed in killing the White Rabbit. How about it? It’s quite simple and clear game, isn’t it? You’ll make use of these rules and kill the White Rabbit. You’re the only one I can ask. Only Alice can kill the White Rabbit.

Alice: Wait a minute! This is too sudden! Sorry, but I’m probably not the Alice you’re looking for.

Queen of Hearts: No, you are Alice. You said so yourself earlier. These rules came into force the moment you told me you were Alice. The rules of the game are absolute. Going against them can only be considered betrayal. You had no right to refuse from the beginning.

Alice: If you had no intention to ask me, then you should have said so from the beginning.


Woman: Good day, Mad Hatter. Aren’t you going inside today?

Mad Hatter: I wanted to, but I was chased away.

Woman: By His Majesty?

Mad Hatter: Yes, he’s talking to Alice at the moment. He probably thought that I might shoot him. How many years will I have to work before he trusts me?

Woman: That won’t happen. Even if you shot Alice, wouldn’t that be to protect His Majesty? Also, His Majesty will be fine. Alice cannot kill His Majesty.

Mad Hatter: You’ve been well trained.

Woman: Eh?

Mad Hatter: No…that’s a natural opinion, but what I’m saying is the opposite. The reason I was chased out the room was because I have the ability to kill His Majesty. If your darling Queen of Hearts turns against Alice that is… Unfortunately, this time, Alice is not the kind of person to obediently listen to orders.


Alice: In other words, the White Rabbit is the god who made this country and despite the fact that you’re the Queen, there is no way to kill him other than participating in the game.

Queen of Hearts: That’s right. An existence that we cannot kill, even if we want to, that’s the White Rabbit.

Alice: Hmm…then not having to right to disobey the Queen’s orders is a rule too?

Queen of Hearts: Not quite. The Queen makes the Queen’s rules, however, I did not make the rules to this game. Alice, don’t you think it’s strange? The most important person in the country is the Queen, so the one who alters the country has to be me, the Queen. So that would make the White Rabbit useless, correct?

Alice: I understand why this country is mad. I refuse. Sorry, but there’s no advantage in following your orders.

Queen of Hearts: Advantage? That’s not necessary. Only Alice can kill the White Rabbit, because of that Alice cannot kill anyone except the White Rabbit. That is all the power that has been given to you. You can’t just murder whoever you like in this country. However, you can kill specific people according to the abilities given to you. This is another rule defined by the White Rabbit. Do you understand, Alice? This is an order. Kill the White Rabbit. You cannot kill me, but I can kill you at any time. If you think that I’m lying, then test it now.

Alice: No thanks, I just tried it earlier. You must be kidding! That’s not why I came to this country.

Queen of Hearts: Everyone brought to Wonderland says the same thing to me. Don’t worry, all you have to do is carry out the mission given to you.

Alice: Mission? Is it really something that only I can do?

Queen of Hearts: That’s right, as long as you are Alice, it’s something that only you can do. We need your power, Alice.

Alice: I understand, I’ll obey the Queen’s orders. Well, there’s something I want to ask…

Queen of Hearts: Hmm?

Alice: As a reward for killing the White Rabbit, please give me status. I’ll follow yours orders on the condition that afterwards I’m given the status to stay safe and act freely in this country. If that’s no good, I’ll blow my brains out right now.

Queen of Hearts: Very well, the negotiations are complete. I’ll have you go together with the Mad Hatter so that you don’t do such rebellious things. He’ll make a good partner for you. He can kill anyone who turns against Alice. I forgot to mention that’s also one of the rules. That’s why I had him leave the room this time.

Alice: You really do have an odd personality…


Mad Hatter: Hey, I’m glad you’re safe.

Alice: You knew everything, didn’t you?

Mad Hatter: Yes, that’s because I was ordered to bring you to the Queen.

Alice: I see…you’re well trained, Queen’s assassin…

Mad Hatter: I’m a hatter.

Alice: Whatever. All I have to do is kill the White Rabbit, right? I’ll do it and this time I’ll live the way I want in this country! A contract has to be written, so that no one complains this time, that means the darling Queen too.

Mad Hatter: Wait….what on earth did you talk to the Queen about?

Alice: Huh? Well…those were your lovely Queen’s orders, right?

Mad Hatter: Honestly…you’re quite an amazing Alice. It’s 6 o’clock, let’s hurry home! We won’t be in time for tea! Anyway, I’ve got to take back those words from earlier…I’ve become interested in knowing what kind of person you are…

Alice: Of course, that’s because I’m Alice in Wonderland.

Queen of Hearts: Jack…don’t you think he’s a rather interesting man? Unfaltering, even with death before him. Was there ever an Alice who tried to bargain with me? No…could it be that he’s not Alice? That’s why he might be able to find the way out. I’m really looking forward to what happens from now on.

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