[Script] Are You Alice Drink Me – Disc 1, Track 1

Posted by Yukihito on December 9, 2009

Alice: What’s my name? I don’t remember. I’m sure that I abandoned it somewhere, so i won’t really look for it. When I fell headfirst into the hole, it wasn’t because somebody pushed me. To fulfill my own desires, I tripped myself up.


Alice: Seven kilolitres ’til Wonderland… What a tacky sign.
Hey… will I find what I’m looking for here?
For the time being, I’ll go to the bank.


Woman: Your Majesty…

Mad Hatter: Ah… The new girl is being harassed…
Umm, sorry to bother you…

Queen of Hearts: Oh, it’s you. I don’t mind, come in.

Woman: Yes, Your Majesty

Mad Hatter: Okay, I’m coming in.

Queen of Hearts: You’re right on time. You’re exactly 15 minutes and 37 seconds late. I wasted one and half minutes thinking of a way to pass the time while waiting for you…

Mad Hatter: Sorry, the tea party went on a little longer than I thought.

Queen of Hearts: As usual, it seems that your watch has stopped. Is it okay for me to think of that as a sign of loyalty towards me?

Mad Hatter: Of course, my master.

Queen of Hearts: I admire your dedication.
You’ve done enough, leave.

Woman: Yes, Your Majesty. Excuse me.

Mad Hatter: My pleasure.
Well, what business do you have with me today, Your Majesty?

Queen of Hearts: It’s nothing to worry about. You’ve come all this way, so relax. Or is it that you hate drinking tea with me?

Mad Hatter: That’s absurd! I just like drinking tea on my own, Your Majesty.
What’s your wish?

Queen of Hearts: It seems that the Duchess’ pet cat is wandering around.

Mad Hatter: I hate cats, but I sense his mistress’ style in his mysterious actions.

Queen of Hearts: The thing that we are looking for may be quite close.

Mad Hatter: Alice…you’ve kept us waiting for quite some time. It’s been about a year and five months.

Queen of Hearts: It’s been two years and eight months. you should get your watch fixed.

Mad Hatter: No, it’s not a problem. It doesn’t matter if my watch loses time.

Queen of Hearts: It won’t be long before he gets out of the hole. A key is necessary to open the door. Hatter, I have high expectations of you.

Mad Hatter: Everything will be as you wish.
Well, Queen of Hearts, give me your next order.

Queen of Hearts: The White Rabbit, off with his head!


White Rabbit: Hey, don’t you think humans are stupid creatures? Even if someone tells you the location, you won’t find what you’re looking for. If someone knows the place, then it’s not the thing you’re looking for. So, don’t worry, Mary-Anne. I’m sure they’ll get lonely soon. They’ll die without anyone knowing! Like a weak and tiny rabbit!
One intruder. You don’t need a name.
I don’t have anymore time…

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