VK Good night CD (Aidou) Translation

Posted by Yukihito on February 27, 2009

Ta-da! Lavender pot-pourri, sheets and a pillow cover infused with the fragrance of lavender and a beautiful painting of a field of lavender. Lavender is good when you want to sleep.
How is it? You’re feeling sleepy, aren’t you?
Oh? You don’t feel any different? Is there something wrong with your sense of smell? Even though I feel this good…

–Aidou falls asleep–

Ah…oh no! I shouldn’t fall asleep! Hey, you’re laughing at me!
Anyway, because you couldn’t sleep no matter what, I ended up having to look after you until you fall asleep! You should be honoured! I’m probably so impressive you can’t sleep though.

I definitely wouldn’t do this if Kaname-sama hadn’t ordered me to!
That’s right, this is a good opportunity. I’ll tell you about from the time when I met Kaname-sama up until now and the future of that. You want to hear it, don’t you?
Well then, if you insist.

I won’t forget the first time I met Kaname-sama, I was about 3 years old in human years. At that time, I was praised as a boy genius. No, at the same time as being a popular beautiful boy genius I was tormented by loneliness. You wouldn’t understand. Geniuses always feel the loneliness of not being understood.

However, in front of me, Kaname-sama appeared like a miracle. Do you understand? No, you probably wouldn’t. There’s no way you’d understand the shock I got at that time. That there was such a beautiful, pure, delicate and noble soul in this world.
Someone that embodied those characteristics is a valuable existence. Kaname-sama changed my whole outlook.

Of course, we understood our loneliness much more quickly than anyone else, we comforted each other and became great friends.
Hey! Are you listening? Don’t go to sleep! I’ve only talked about a small part of my history with Kaname-sama! Hey! Don’t go to sleep! Wake up!

Kain: Hey. Hanabusa. You’ve forgotten what you’re supposed to be doing. You came here to help her fall asleep, didn’t you?

A: Oh no! I got carried away.
What is it?! Don’t get in my way! I can at least get a girl to fall asleep by myself.

K: I could hear your voice out in the hall, Hanabusa.
You still can’t sleep? Well, no one would be able to sleep with Hanabusa shouting like that.

A: What are you talking about? I thought of a lot of things to try and help her to sleep. I did a lot of self-study.

K: That’s because you can’t sleep without lavender items, right? On the other hand, if he has them, he falls asleep in 3 seconds. It was also difficult for me to realise that the reason for this was the lavender.

A: That’s right. I’m a sensitive person, so whatever sheets I used, I couldn’t fall asleep.

K: When we were kids, Hanabusa came to stay at my house. He couldn’t sleep because the pillow was different. He woke up during the day and when he noticed everyone else was asleep, he got upset. There were times when he got into my bed…

A: Hey, Akatsuki!

K: When he got into my bed, he would fall asleep straightaway. On the other hand, I couldn’t sleep because of Hanabusa tossing and turning in his sleep.

A: Stop it, Akatsuki! I’ll get angry!

K: Come to think of it, when you stayed at mine, you brought a small blanket which you couldn’t sleep without, it had a lavender pattern printed on it. Wasn’t that why you started liking lavender?

A: No! There’s no way I’d do anything like that! Stop hiding behind the duvet and laughing! Hey, show your face! I know you were laughing!

K: Hey, Hanabusa! It’s my fault, don’t get angry at her. If you keep pulling the duvet like that, it’ll rip.

A: I guess so. People who make fun of lavender will make it cry.

K: What are you talking about?

A: Anyway, since I was a child, when I was surrounded by lavender, I could sleep well and have good dreams. So, I wanted you to be able to sleep well like that and I chose the highest quality items for you.

K: Huh, Hanabusa? Even though you were complaining, you got pretty excited about preparing for this. Hey, it seems like Hanabusa tried his best to help you get to sleep.

A: Anyway, lavender is a great item that’s good for sleep. See, if you put this pot pourri near the pillow…

–Aidou falls asleep again–

K: Ah…he fell asleep. He tried his best not to sleep for over 30 seconds, but it was no good.
It must be difficult for you to be around someone so noisy. You don’t mind, you think it’s fun to be together? That’s right, I think you two suit each other.
Well, I’ll be going, sorry to disturb you. When I’m gone, let him sleep next to you.
Hmm? It’s too late for you to get embarrassed. He was thinking of you and tried his best. Isn’t it okay if you reward him sometimes? Well then, at least… I’ll leave the rest to you…

A: Oh…sorry. Did I fall asleep? What are you two laughing about?

K: Your face while you were sleeping was like “that”, so I did it without thinking.

A: What do you mean like “that”?

K: Who knows?

A: Hey!

K: Well, I’ll be leaving now.

A: Hey, Akatsuki! I’ll get you back later!

K: Yeah, yeah. I’m really going now. Good night.

A: Hmm…now that Akatsuki’s gone, I don’t know what to do.
Hey! Do you think you’ll be able to sleep now? There’s no way you’d be able to sleep, it’s been so noisy. I’m sorry. You’re always so busy, so I just thought that I wanted you to sleep well for once. Those are my true feelings.
About the fragrance on the sheets. That’s right…you’re a girl, so maybe something like rosemary would have been better. Before I got here, I thought I could be mature like Kaname-sama or Akatsuki and get you to fall asleep. But…

Come to think of it, what were you talking about with Akatsuki earlier? Your face was kind of red…
Just say it! Is it something you can’t say to me?
What? A good night kiss?! What…that’s ridiculous…there’s no way I’d do that to you! I won’t do it!
A kiss is a big thing…I won’t do it so easily!
Well, the problem is that you can’t sleep…if you say you can’t sleep without one, then I guess I can think about it…

Huh? Your eyes…are you tired?! The way we’re talking, you’d normally get tired…
Okay! I’m going to go and look around, I won’t let anyone disturb you from trying to sleep! So, don’t worry and get some sleep…good night.

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  2. Allison said

    Haha! so funny thx!

  3. Polly90 said

    Wow! Thank you for your efforts! I really enjoyed it!^^

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